Atomic Structure

The atom, it's parts, and how it all works.

Dr. Melinda Oliver

University of South Alabama

CHM 101

Lecture 5 covering first half of electron configs

This video also goes over the isotope material as well.

Lecture 6 on electron configurations

This second video is much longer but it will bring you through the periodic table and works through the examples in the notes.

First, a little history.

One of the problems with the atom is that our current model of the atom is not compatible with a picture. Human beings like pictures. Older models have pictures and we cannot erase the last one on the list even though it is obviously wrong! A video on the development of the atom (#6):
Isotope examples from notes

This short video walks you through the first set of examples in Vol 1 of the notes. For a full length version, see the second video (of three) below.

Big image
First video on how to deal with those crazy orbitals!

This first video is short and will get you oriented to the process of determining electron configurations.

Website for electron configurations.

This link is not quite the same as the one I used in the video but that one is no longer available. Use this one instead
Another great periodic table site

Know all of the groups for the periodic table as shown on the first page of this web site. This web site can also be used for orbitals.

What Else Can You Do to Help Your Understanding?

Chemistry is a subject that must be practiced everyday if possible. Work through the lecture examples stopping the video clips and then restarting to check yourself. Take advantage of the online homework in Mastering Chemistry to give you the practice you need to be successful. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Check announcements on Sakai everyday and write down due dates from Mastering Chemistry. Keep a printed copy of the most recent course calendar (included in syllabus) next to your work area. Email me with questions!!

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