Painting with Henri Matisse

2nd Grade Art

Learning Goals

In this lesson you will see some of Henri Matisse's famous cut paper collage and make a painted paper collage of your own. You will also be mixing your own paint, learning about different types of shapes, and discovering the difference between positive and negative space.
Matisse and Me Collage
2nd Grade Painting With Matisse
Henri Matisse
2nd Grade Matisse's Garden Book
Art with Mati and Dada Matisse


  • Collage - Art that is created by gluing a variety of materials together.
  • Primary Colors - The colors used to mix all of the other colors. They are RED, BLUE, and YELLOW
  • Geometric Shapes - These are shapes that have names like squares, triangles, and circles.
  • Organic Shapes - These are unnamed shapes and can often be found in nature like the shape of a leaf.
  • Positive Space -The actual shape that you'd cut out of a piece of paper
  • Negative Space - The hole left in a paper when you cut out a shape