American System Created

By Brandon Holandez

What is the purpose of this?

The American system was meant to strengthen and unify America by making it less reliant on other countries.

What is the Goal?

The goal of the American system is to:

  • To maintain high public land prices to generate federal revenue
  • To preserve the national bank
  • To support high tariff
  • To make internal improvements within the country.

Who is responsible for making this?

Henry Clay created the American System.

Henry Clay was the leader of the Whig party, he ran for president five times however was not successful in winning. He was the Secretary of State of state for John Quincy Adams and the longest speaker of the house during the nineteenth century. Henry Clay was a very influential member of the Senate and was well respected. He was a nationalist and devoted to economic development of the United States.

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Nationalism vs. Sectionalism

While the American System was being made, nationalism vs. sectionalism became an issue.

Nationalism: A strong for of patriotism that demonstrated unity and love for the nation.

Sectionalism: To be divided due to differences.

This was a problem because it was hard for America to unify since the North and the South had very different views like slavery. Another example would be the North supporting federalists ideas (The Whig party) and the South opposing with Democratic-Republican ideas.

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