Shelby Co. Area Technology Center

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Our Purpose

The Shelby County Area Technology Center aspires to leave a legacy of students who strive to be lifelong learners, think critically, become skilled employees, and view community involvement and responsibility as a welcomed obligation.

A Note From Our Principal

Spring Testing Results

Our Spring testing window is coming to a close and we are very proud of the results and the effort our students are giving. This year, we increased the number of preparatory seniors (those who have completed two courses in a pathway and enrolled in a third course in the same pathway) by 11 students. Currently, 85% of those preparatory seniors are Career Ready or College and Career Ready. We hope to move that number to 90% by graduation day.

The Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA) results have also arrived. Our students surpassed the state average pass rate by 11%. There is still work to be done and the focus of that work will continue to be for all of our students to receive a passing score on the KOSSA exam. The process of looking at our data and making adjustments and improvements for next year has already begun.

This year’s results are also a reminder of what an outstanding staff we have at the Shelby Co. ATC. The relationships they build and the preparation they provide for our students is more than just an assessment score. Their legacy will be seen in our students and community many years after these scores have been forgotten!

Construction Update

It won’t be long until you begin seeing our building look a little larger. The process of renovation and expansion will begin in early June. On April 27, advertisements for bids went out and on May 18 those bids will be opened. The winning bid will be presented for approval at the May 26th board meeting. It is an exciting time and we look forward to the process!

Steve Coleman

Principal, Shelby County Area Technology Center

SkillsUSA and STLP Winners

SkillsUSA Winners

Justin Tuttle - Information Support Services - 1st Place

Victoria Hargadon - Technical applications - 2nd Place

Clare Johnson and Gregory Omvig - Radio Production - 2nd place

Garrett Clark & Michael Cox competed in Web Page Design, but did not place in the top 3

STLP Winners

Jacob Turner - MTA OS - 1st place

Jacob Turner - MTA Security - 1st place

Justin Tuttle - MTA OS - 2nd place

Victoria Hargadon - MOS: PowerPoint 2013 - 1st place

In total 10 students participated in the STLP Certipalooza and 8 received a certification:

Aaron Devers - MTA OS

Austin Terry - MTA OS

Garrett Clark - MTA OS

Jacob Turner - MTA OS, Security, Network

Justin Tuttle - MTA OS

Sigifredo Gutierrez - MTA OS

Victoria Hargadon - MOS Power Point and Word 2013

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MNA News

MNA testing took place on April 16. The results are pending (usually 30 business days)

Emily Bailey, Rita Gomez, Ilsy Cuautle, Jacinda Rudolph, Raven Raisor, and Brendon Pagel have started working as Hospitality Aides at the Masonic Home of Shelbyville.

Alivia Smith is interning with a Cardiologist in Louisville assisting with CPR trainings at high schools in the Louisville area.

Recent Awards:

  • Ali Fort signed to swim at Xavier University
  • Leah Edlin and Bri Bratcher received the All State Academic Award at Martha Layne Collins
  • Bri Bratcher, Leah Edlin, and Rebekah Duvall all received the Louisville Business First Honor Student award
  • Bri Bratcher received the Horatio Alger scholarship for $7000
  • Emily Bailey received $6,000 per year with Midway College
  • Karen Estrada Blas received a $6,000 Reagents scholarship and plans to attend EKU
  • Anna Bennett has officially registered with JCTC to begin her journey into nursing (Associate’s Degree)
  • Janelle & Janette Hynes have received $43,000 in scholarship money and plan to attend Transylvania University

Health Science Happenings

Principles of Health Science: Students in the village concept are working on a Biomedical debate using issues from the book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. They will prepare a debate using the Lincoln-Douglas format and present their arguments to an authentic panel of judges consisting of an attorney, a paralegal administrator, Biomedical High School teacher, and educators. The debate will take place at the ATC on May 12, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

Principles of Health Science: AM - Students were able to choose a culture, research and develop a presentation of that culture. They will showcase and present to future health professionals the culture and considerations when caring for people of diverse cultures.

Medical Terminology: Students are preparing a case study based on the body system of their choice. They will pose as physicians and present their case study to other “physicians” for review and input for future cases.

Emergency Procedures: Students are learning first aid procedures and reviewing CPR skills. Their final exam will be a scenario in which students must proficiently perform first aid skills and treatments related to their scenario.

Students assisted in Health Screenings at East Middle School, Painted Stone Elementary School and will participate in promoting Health Science careers on Career Day at East Middle. This is a great way for students to use skills that they learn in the classroom and lab.

HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) will hold their end of the year banquet at MAIN EVENT this year on May 19, 2016. We will celebrate achievements and awards will be presented. Students will have the opportunity to bowl, play laser tag, have access to the arcade and eat pizza, all for $10.00. We will begin at 5:15 p.m. and conclude at 8:30 p.m. All current HOSA members are encouraged to attend!

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Calling All Cardboard - Update

Mr. Ramsey’s 9th Grade English classes has officially kicked off their cardboard challenge project to end the school year. We want your cardboard boxes. The bigger, the better - but we’ll take any kind as long as they’re mostly clean. This link has a list of even more material we could use:

Thank you for supporting our students and helping us create fun learning opportunities!

Citizen of the Month

The following students enrolled at the Shelby County Area Technology Center have received the Citizen of the Month for April which is a student whose behavior and attitude distinguish them as superior students.

Math/English – Matt Peting

Industrial Maintenance – Zachary Way

Machine Tool – Kaleb Hulker

Automotive – Wilson Velasquez

Information Technology – Ethan Cox

Health Science – Jennifer Fuqua

Health Science – Alivia Smith

Health Science Informatics –Dulce Rojas Anaya

Business – Berlyn Valenzuela

Student of the Month

The following students enrolled at the Shelby County Area Technology Center have received the Student of the Month for April which is a student who is exemplary in the academic areas of the classroom.

Math/English – Mckenzie Reed

Industrial Maintenance – Karrie Monroe

Machine Tool – Monquiez Reed

Automotive – Aaron Adams

Information Technology – Justin Tuttle

Health Science – Katie Coulter

Health Science – Leah Edlin

Health Science Informatics – Alyssa Roberts

Business – Elizabeth Cook