CSS Update

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Reminder: Spring Schedule

Monday Schedule (8:45-2:15 pm)

8:35-8:45 Student drop-off

8:45-12:50 Learning with my teacher (In-person or Remotely)

12:50-1:00 Student pick-up

1:00-2:00 Student Lunch & Break

2:00-2:15 Student Asynchronous Learning (learning activities on my own)

Tuesday-Friday Schedule (8:45-3:45 pm)

8:35-8:45 Student drop-off

8:45-12:50 Learning with my teacher (In-person or Remotely)

12:50-1:00 Student pick-up

1:00-2:00 Student Lunch & Break

2:00-2:30 Student Asynchronous Learning (learning activities on my own)

2:30 Class Zoom Meeting

2:30-3:45 Student Support Time (some work on their own, others Zoom with their teachers)

*** Please note that the school day does NOT end at 12:50 pm. Students have Zoom instruction and/or independent learning in the afternoons***

If you have questions, please contact the main office at 630-588-5400.

Upcoming Puberty Lesson (CANDOR) for 4th & 5th Graders: PARENTS PLEASE REVIEW

Attention families of 4th & 5th-grade students:

In early May, 4th-grade & 5th-grade students will be learning about the development of the human body (puberty changes & tools, reproductive systems, nocturnal emissions & spontaneous erections, and the menstrual cycle). Students will engage in learning via Zoom as an entire grade level. This means that all students will be grouped together (boys & girls) and all students will be exposed to content related to both the male & female body systems. If you wish to explore the parent overview video (not the video students will watch) you can access it here (view the video entitled Puberty 1- Understanding Changes & use passcode POV1437). The student sessions will occur remotely during the Student Connect Time starting at 2:30 pm. The specific date for each grade level will be shared soon.

Students will view their video, pause to complete some brief journaling activities, and then be given an opportunity to ask questions. You as the parent can certainly use this opportunity to have further conversations with your child as needed.

There is also a parent screening opportunity on Monday, April 19th where the full 43-min student video will be shown via Zoom starting at 5:30 pm (Zoom link: https://ccsd93.zoom.us/j/2241662578). Parents are invited to join and preview the content as well as ask questions with Mr. Kyle.

If after reviewing the content, you are uncomfortable and would like to opt your child out of the session, please complete the survey linked here.

Family Support Survey

We want to help :)

If you or your family has a specific need, please consider filling out the brief survey linked here. A staff will reach out to you soon to see how we can help.

PTA Meeting via Zoom on Monday, April 19th @ 6:30 pm

Please consider joining us for our next PTA meeting on Monday, April 19th starting at 6:30 pm via Zoom.

Zoom link: https://ccsd93.zoom.us/j/2241662578

Distinguished Educator Award: Jessica McGill

Please join the CSS staff in celebrating Jessica McGill for being recognized as an Illinois Distinguished Educator. Jessica McGill is a phenominal 1st-grade classroom teacher at Carol Stream School.

Here is the blurb from her nomination entry:

The application written for Jessica McGill focuses on her dedication to all students as a collaborative lifelong learner who takes on and shares professional development opportunities throughout her building and with the district. In addition to her team, Jessica works with her school’s Instructional Coach and Innovation Media Specialist, serves on numerous school and district-level committees, has participated in CCSD93’s Independent Study program, has worked with Discovery Education to pilot innovative learning opportunities, regularly is involved with book studies and LEAD courses, teaches at STEM/Innovation Camp, and volunteers to help students at summer programs. This involvement and constant commitment to PD, combined with her organization skills and creativity, enables Jessica to provide “student-centered education by allowing students to make choices, believing in their ability to learn, and making learning fun.” She maintains a pulse on her students’ social and emotional needs, effectively employing best practices to personalize and differentiate instruction and manage student behavior, truly keeping students at the center of all she does.

Material Pick-Up: Remote Students Only

If you couldn't make it to our material pick-up last night, please stop by the office Mondays from 8-2:30 pm or Tues-Fridays from 8-4:30 pm.

Reminder: Snacks at school

In-person students will receive a small snack (fruit and a grain-based item: goldfish, crackers, granola bar, etc.) each day. Our staff will work to ensure that students are 6ft apart when eating in order to follow the safety guidelines. Due to allergy & safety precautions, students will not be permitted to bring their own snacks from home.

Daily Health Screener

Families of in-person students will still need to complete the daily health screener for each child each day prior to 8:45 am.

Click here to access the Daily Health Screener

CATs: Art, Music, & PE

ALL students will engage in CATs each day during their scheduled time (K: 11:05-11:35, 1st: 11:40-12:10, 2nd: 12:15-12:45, 3rd: 9:35-10:05, 4th: 9:00-9:30, 5th: 10:10-10:40). Even remote students will participate via Zoom using the link posted in your child's SeeSaw or Google Classroom. Please contact the office at 630-588-5400 if you have any questions.

Order your 20-21 Yearbook

Click here to order your yearbook

CS's School Passcode: 10150414581674

Cost: $15.55 (does not include tax). PTA will purchase one for ALL 5th-grade students.

Deadline to order: April 16th