Registration Procedures and Requirements

-You can register to vote online or at your polling place

-You must go to your assigned polling place in order to vote


-18 years old

-No felonies

-Be a registered voter at least 30 or 25 days before the election

-First time voters must present proof of citizenship, address, and age

Steps in Voting

-When you first arrive, you can study a sample ballot posted near the entrance of your polling place.

-Once inside, you write your name and address and sign an application form at the clerks table.

-Then the clerk reads your name aloud and passes the form to a challengers table.

-The Challenger looks up your registration form and compares the signature on it with the signature on your application.

-When your signature matches, the challenger initials the application form and returns it to you.

-You then go to the voting booth and hand the application to an election judge.

-You cast your ballot by using a voting machine.

Voter Behavior

Who Votes/Who Doesn't & Why:

The citizens who vote we typically see characteristics such as having positive attitudes toward governments, more educated, and most voters are middle-aged. They vote in order to make a difference in the future government and voice their opinions on things they feel strongly about.

Straight vs. Split Ticket Voting

Straight voting is voting for all the candidates in one political party. Split voting is choosing candidates from one party and some from the other.

Ballot Fatigue

Is when voters are in the voting booth and as they get near the end of the ballot they just being to choose candidates at random because they are tired of trying to decide between candidates.

Amendments That Deal with Voting

15-Allows African American Men to vote

17-Directly elect senators

19-Allowing women to vote

23-Allowed voting in D.C.

24-Ended poll taxes

26-Lowered voting age from 21 to 18

Timeline Showing The History of Suffrage in the U.S.

1870-Fifteen Amendment

1924-Congressional Act

1960-Civil Rights Act of 1960

1971-Twenty-sixth Amendment

1993-National Voter Registration Act

2006-Voting Rights Act Authorization and Amendments Act of 2006

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