Relm of Loneliness

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sadness because one has no friends or company. the quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation.
Loneliness is a on going state of physical and mental problems. Loneliness can cause many other types of problems for the persons life.
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Loneliness during the great depression

Loneliness during the great depression was a problem. People had no jobs, money or food for them selves. Loneliness only mad it worse to deal with the hard aches of the time period. Usually two or more people would travel together looking for jobs. The company kept your mind in a better place and thought didn't overcome your mind. People would make future plans and even if they didn't come true it got them threw the hard times.
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How to overcome lonelyness

Letting loneliness take over your mind can change or ruin your whole life. IT can ruin relationships and anything you had going for you. Breaking free from the chains of your mind can completely help and change your life.

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