MS Word vs Google Docs

Kilian Ulrich

Microsoft Word

  • It is easy to use by the user
  • You can use it for last minute projects
  • You can save it to a thumb drive
  • You can use different colors and change borders
  • You can't use it on Macs unless you download it
  • You can't work on it with people through the computer
  • It could sometimes take a little bit to load
  • You have buy it on some computers

Google Docs

  • You can work on a project with people through the internet
  • You can share projects with each other
  • You can comment on peoples work
  • It has easy mechanics
  • You have to log into your email to access it
  • It has the same mechanics as MS word
  • You can't save to a thumb drive
  • You can't use it on a different website

My choice

I would rather use Microsoft word over Google Docs because it is more familiar to me and I usually don't log into my email account but the I mostly use it because my family use it for everything but I still like both of them.