by Jennifer Cluckey

The Cluckey Duck!

Best Features

The best feature of my car would be the paint job. The paint job is the best because it resembles a duck.

Negative Affects

The only thing that would negatively affect my cars performance would be not clamping my car when I had to re drill my launch hole. This created a problem because the air escaped the sides when the car was launched.

Speed and Factors

Speed is the rate that something/ someone is able to move. predicted my speed to be about 15 mph. When my car was tested it actually went 15.2 mph. Some factors to this speed were the round edges which allowed the air to easily go around it. Another factor was the small slope on the top of the car. A negative factor was the launch hole size. Some ways my car could have improved were having it be more lightweight.


My favorite thing we did was designing the car with Inventor. With building the car I enjoyed sanding down the sides. If I could change anything I would change the size of my launch hole so it wasn't as large as it had been after re drilling it. I would also be more accurate with the placement of my screw eyes. My least favorite part would be putting in the screw eyes.