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Does Upright Go Work? Read Our Special Report

Most of the time, we feel exhausted after working the whole day in front of an office desk. But what if you did not subject yourself to many activities during the day and you still feel tired? Another instance is at the office where you find yourself bored and straining in the midmorning hours even after a good night's sleep. Sometimes such kind of exhaustion is a result of our sitting posture.

There is a way your body systems respond to your body posture. Unfortunately, most of the time, we do not even realize it until we are feeling tired or sleepy in front of the office desk. Body postures affect the flow of oxygenated blood in your body. Unhealthy positions deprive some cells of the nutrients needed to create energy that improves your body performance. Well, exercise is the most common and natural remedy for fatigue, but what if training does not help?

In this piece, we want to look at Upright Go, a device that will not only help correct your posture but help you with your training and tracking as well. We have comprehensively looked at its features, what it does, and how it can benefit you.

What is Upright Go?

Upright go is a small device that corrects the body posture by producing a series of vibration as an alert for a wrong position. Through adhesive pads, the device gets attached to your back slightly below the neck. The device is tiny, and light, therefore, works just perfectly by keeping your position upright. Back health is one of the complications that upright go ensures your body does not experience. It does it by using your body muscles to work efficiently.

The fact that it's small makes it even invisible behind your attire. The response it gives to the body is immediate and triggered by some sensors configured to track the various body positions that can cause any backache. There are several such devices like upright go in the market, but none is quite resourceful like upright go since it comes with even an app.

You can have the app on your android or iOS device to show the tracking timeline. You can also reset the device to monitor your body position without giving vibration alerts using the app. Instead of vibrating, the device sends signals to the app and indicates in red when the posture is unhealthy and green when maintaining a good position.

The app comes with two sets of modes, the training mode, and the tracking mode. While tracking the posture only gives an indication on the app without vibration, the training mode vibrates every moment you fall out of position. The training setup is capable of improving your posture in less than two weeks since it enables you to set achievable targets. We recommend that you use the device four times a week so that you adapt to the required positions even without the device.

Why Do I Need Upright Go?

It's amazing how a device the size of a car key can improve your health. On some occasions, companies go to the extent of having an exercise room within the facility to keep everyone flexible in their duties. It is an expensive approach but also productive. However, not everyone can afford it, and that is why you need Upright Go.This device keeps your body active enough to complete a task that could have taken longer due to the change in body posture. For this reason, it is also ideal for even students when studying for exams.

There is nothing more tiring than sitting in front of an office desk the whole day. After the office, you rush home to sleep or visit the gym for some workout, and your day is over. By the time your daily activities become a routine, you end up being a boring person with no social life. This small gadget can change things for you by making sure you do not end your day a tired man rushing home. By resetting your body posture to keep you productive, it makes you even active at the end of the day to have time with friends and families.

Upright Go Rating and Benefits

Getting a posture correcting device that can last long like upright go is no easy. It is one device that you can use for a lifetime without anyone knowing. As much as there are other devices for correcting posture, Upright Go has set itself apart as it comes with a lot more features than similar products have. It also offers the user a raft of benefits, which include:

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It provides an opportunity to frame your training plan until you can do it without it.
  • It prevents you from experiencing backaches at the workplace
  • It comes with an app that enables you to customize how you prefer the device to work.

Important Upright Go Key Features

Comes with Two Modes

This device is programmed with two modes: Training and Tracking. The former mode has vibration feedback on, ensuring that you will feel it immediately you start slouching. The later mode will allow you to track your posture silently without the vibration alerts.

Compatible with Android and iOS

Upright Go is compatible with devices using these two operating systems so you can use it on most smartphones. Just download the Upright Go app, install it, connect the device to your phone, and you're good to go.

Easy to Use

While the setup can be a little complicated for first-time users, the device is basically easy to use. Set the app to the mode of your preference, turn the device on, and then stick on your back. It's that easy.

Small and Discreet

Unlike most correctors of this sort, Upright Go is extremely small and discreet. It is hardly noticeable, and its vibration intensity is controllable and gentle. Sometimes you may even forget you're wearing it.

Progress Tracker

Upright Go will record all the progress you make and sync it with the application. This way, you can easily track your progress and know what efforts to make for improvement.

Upright Go Reviews

There are many positive reviews of this device, both online and offline. On the product's official website alone, there are more than 40 customer reviews, whose ratings of the device average to 4.1 stars. Up to 67% of the customer reviews we saw rated Upright Go five stars, pointing to the fact that this is one of the best correctors on the market today.

Testimonials from Other Users

I always sit in front of the computer all day since my job needs me to. But I notice that my posture is getting weirder and weirder and that's because I unintentionally slouch. That's why when I saw Upright Go's ads, I immediately ordered mine to try it out. To my surprise, it actually worked and reminded me to sit up straight or even to walk with the right posture. I will purchase another one as a gift to a workmate who slouches often! - Cons, 27

My best friend keeps on telling me to sit up straight no matter where we are and it sometimes become embarrassing. I tried researching on what to do and instead came across with Upright Go. I gave it a try and bought one for myself and tested it out when it arrived on my doorstep. Ever since using it, I no longer have to worry about my best friend or anyone teasing me about my posture because it's now better than ever! - Gabriela, 33

Where to Buy Upright Go

Get this amazing item tracking device by visiting its official website. They're giving discounts of up to 50%, and new customers get free shipping. Hurry and get it today before the limited offer expires.

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