Among The Free

Author:Margaret Peterson Haddix Smore: Aldo Camacho


The protagonist is Luke Garner and his other third children friends. The antagonist is the government. The setting is in a village where you must have only two children because of low farmers and crops. The plot is about Luke Garner and his friends struggling to be free and noticed.

Rising Action

Luke Garner is a third child also known as a shadow child. He goes into his attic because that is his room so the government does not notice that he is alive. He sees a light from across the street so he risks his life to go outside to see who is in the house.


The most exciting part is when it gets to the end. Luke finally meets up with his friends and he can now do everything he has ever wanted.


At the end the government gets rid the law of only having two children. Now Luke and his third children friends can do everything they have ever wanted to do, they do not have to hide anymore.