Parent Peek at the Week

Week of October 28th, 2019

In case you missed it.....

Important Dates

Monday, October 28th - Day 3

  • All day - Head lice checks
  • 12:10pm - Peer Awareness program in Mrs. Rees' class

Tuesday, October 29th - Day 4

Wednesday, October 30th - Day 5

Thursday, October 31st - Day 1

  • Halloween - Black and Orange Day
  • Cupcakes will be sold for 50 cents each
  • Mrs. Rees' Class to the Outdoor Education Centre

Friday, November 1st - Day 2

Some important information for this week....

Halloween is coming!

It's hard to believe but Halloween is almost here. At Kawartha Heights, each class will be celebrating together. Our tradition is to wear Orange and Black - keeping costumes safe at home for the night adventures. We look forward to seeing everyone join in the school spirit by wearing orange and black. On Thursday a representative from each class will also be judging the decorated doors - stay tuned for pictures on Twitter and Instagram, as well as news of the winning door.


Thanks to all the families who have volunteered to make nut free cupcakes to support School Council in their first fundraiser of the year. Cupcakes will be sold after first break for 50 cents each. Any donations should be brought to the school first thing on October 31st, so that School Council has time to get ready for the big sale. Thank you for your support!

Head lice Checks

Several times a year, Kawartha Heights pays to have school wide head lice sweeps. The first "sweep" of the year will take place on Monday, October 28th. Head lice is a social nuisance, that if left untreated can greatly affect comfort and aspects of home life. It's starting to get colder now which should help a little, but the fall tends to be a time of year when head lice is at it's worse. Please do a weekly check of your child's hair, and should you find any nits or live lice, please inform the office so we can let other families know (this is done through a general class letter - no student is named). Thank you for supporting our attempts to keep head lice away from Kawartha Heights!

Does anyone have an unused composter?

Mrs. Rees and her class are looking at starting up a composting program for Kawartha Heights. The program will begin on a smaller scale, but if there is enough interest, over time it will grow to involve as many classes as possible. In order to get started, we are in search of a composter. Does anyone have one they are not currently using, and would like to donate it to the school? If so, please let Mrs. Sampson know.

We have a new sign!

When coming by the school in the next few weeks, please take a minute to check out our new welcome sign. This is placed at the end of the parking lot - welcoming everyone to our great school as well as showing clearly where our main entrance is located. Here's a peek at what the new sign looks like:

Big picture

A Parking reminder

Thank you to all our parents and visitors who have been using the street or back parking lot for drop offs/pick ups and parking. We LOVE having visitors at our school, but our front parking lot is very tiny and hardly has enough room for staff to park. Even early in the morning (as early as 7:15am) staff start streaming into park. If parents have used these spots for day care drop off, it makes it very challenging for us to get into the building and get ready for your children to arrive. A new sign has been placed at the entrance to remind everyone. Thank you so much for helping us to keep the front lot clear for staff.
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Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind...

NOTE: These are all listed on our Edsby calendar too!

November 8th - Progress Reports are sent home

November 11th - Remembrance Day

Just one more thing.....

Did you know....every morning on the announcements we take a time to reflect in a Mindful Minute. This is a chance to practice deep breathing, calm, appreciate what we're thankful for and get ready for the day. Many classrooms also build Mindful Minutes into other times of their day. Below is a suggestion of a breathing activity you can try at home....when children of any age need a chance to calm or even when getting ready for sleep. Give it a try - children and adults alike can benefit!
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