They See Me Rollin'

Roller Rink

We bring a Roller Rink close to YOU!

Due to the unfortunate closure of the old roller rink off of Plainfield, we all have struggled to make it out to the roller rinks that are half an hour away, or completely push it out of our minds. With the opening of the roller rink, kids today can enjoy those friday nights that have been spent making memories at the roller rink. From family nights to first dates.

Safety First

Never worry about leaving your child here as we will have 2 security guards on site from the first car to arrive until the last car leaves. In addition we will have monitored security cameras just in case the security guards miss anything. If your child falls and hurts themself, no worries! We will also have 2 full time employees trained in first aid.

A Skate Park is included

Come Join us skaters. We will have music playing, concessions, and an arcade. You won't ever want to leave!