The Textile Mill

Invented by Richard Arkwright

About the inventor Richard Arkwright

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Richard was born in the United Kingdom on December 23rd of 1732. He was an inventor and a leading entrepreneur that invented the Textile Mill. He invented the spinning frame. It was first put into use in Preston in 1768. The machine worked all hours if it didn't brake down. Also few people were needed to keep it running. He was hated in Preston because all skilled hand spinners might lose their jobs to the new machine. As a result of a threat Arkwright moved to Nottingham. While there he teamed up with a man named Jedediah Strutt who invented the stocking frame. Arkwright put a patent on his spinning machine in 1768. Now by law no one can copy it. By 1771 he had established a large water powered mill at Cromford. This building is claimed to be the first factory in the world. As cities and towns populations grew people needed clothes. Arkwright targeted this market and became a very wealthy man. His importance was recognized by George lll who knighted him. Arkwright died in 1792 a wealthy man.

Samuel Slater

Samuel Slater was from Britain. He came to the U.S.A after working 6 years as an apprentice and manager in a British textile mill. He learned the workings of the spinning machine invented by Richard Arkwright. He left England in disguise because the British government prohibited any person who had the knowledge to design an operation of spinning machines from leaving the country. Samuel Slater is the man to thank for bringing the wonderful textile mill to the United States of America.


The textile mill is a manufacturing facility where textiles are made.Textiles are made from raw material like silk, cotton, nylon, and rayon.The mill has facilities for cleaning and processing it.Also for spinning and dying the raw materials to turn them into fabric which is then turned into finished products like clothing.