Halloween Bliss Assist

Fall is upon us!

Deposit Slips

It has been brought to our attention that deposit slips are being filled out for "0" and attached to the days credit card receipts, this is unnecessary! The only time you need to fill out a deposit slip is if you have cash or checks to deposit.

Small Bathroom Toilet

The toilet is a low-flow environmentally friendly toilet. This is great for water conservation but can easily become clogged! We have put up a sign in the bathroom detailing this but if it stops working...

1. Try flushing by holding down the handle for 5-10 seconds

2. Try the plunger

3. Contact a Lead.

Unpaid Workshop and Class Registrations

We do not allow for unpaid workshop or class registrations. If you see these look at the client contact logs, and make sure nothing has been approved by a Lead first. Next call the client and inform them that you are excited they are hoping to attend the workshop etc, but that their place cannot be held on our list before they pay.

If you have any questions, ask a Lead :)


Make sure to keep the sound up/on on the Ipad. The clients like to hear the ding, to help them know they have checked in!

Thanks Bliss Flow Team

Keep up the great work :) You all rock!