Science Fair Evaporation

By: Jordynn Urwiler


I want to see how long it will take for four liquids to evaporate.

What am I doing?

I am taking four liquids and seeing which one will evaporate first and the liquid that takes the longest. The liquids I am using are water, lemonade, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish remover.

The Process

The supplies you will need if you want to do this project are: Four liquids, a ruler, four clear solo cups, a sharpie, and a sunny window. First mark your cups at two inches using the ruler and sharpie, also use the sharpie to label the cups. Next, put in all of your liquids, and put them in a window. Over the next days, use the ruler to measure how far they went down, and make sure to mark down on a piece of paper about how many days have done by.

Background Knowledge

In first or second grade we evaporated water so I knew that it would take a while. Since lemonade is like water I knew they would be close, but I have know idea how long the other two liquids will take.


I think the rubbing alcohol will evaporate the fastest.

Day two

Over the night the water and lemonade stayed the same. The nail polish remover went down a half an inch and the rubbing alcohol is just a little bit higher.

Day Five

On day five the water and lemonade went down about three centimeters. The nail polish remover is halfway down and the rubbing alcohol is a bit higher.

One Week

After one week the nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol were almost gone, but the nail polish remover is just a little bit lower. The water and lemonade is still the same height , but they are now down to half an inch.

Week Two

The lemonade and water is down halfway now, and the rubbing alcohol and fingernail polish remover are tied at one centimeter left.


My hypothesis was right, the rubbing alcohol evaporated the fastest. Even though the remover was in the lead most of the time the alcohol evaporated the fastest when it came down to the last centimeter at day sixteen. When it came to the last days the rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover stayed in the same spot for a while until the alcohol evaporated all the way.

Picture: Day 11

On day eleven you can see that the lemonade and water haven't came down that far yet, but the remover and rubbing alcohol are almost out.
Big image

Picture: Day 14

This picture was taken two days before the alcohol went out. As you can see all of the liquids went down a little bit since day eleven. The remover and alcohol are tied.
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