Crystal Springs Staff Connections

Week of June 1st, 2020

Let's Stay Connected

Please remember to check-out the Month of Challenges.

Due by June 4th: Record yourself singing a song, this can either be audio or video, but don’t let it reveal your identity. Send it to me and I’m going to distribute it to other teachers to let them guess.

Month of Challenges

We have three weeks to go. Here are some challenges to keep you going! Keep track of which ones you've completed and check due dates!

Crystal Springs Zoom Lunch- Wednesday at 12:30

Hawaiian Day!

Zoom #- 252-598-824

Passcode- 398633

Staff Meeting- Wednesday at 1:40

Zoom #- 355-055-803

Passcode- 479856

Friday- Optional Staff Happy Hour

Zoom #- 736-388-334

Passcode- 282774