What is Language Workshop?

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Reading is about making meaning.

Page 137 in Apprenticeship to Literacy

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Integrated Design to Build Content Knowledge, Vocabulary Density, and Deeper Comprehension

To build conceptual knowledge, students must be able to integrate information and transfer concepts across multiple contexts in order to solve problems and to construct new knowledge.

Explicit instruction and scaffolding help student build bridges for transfer.

Wise words from Linda Dorn...

"Children's oral language competence is strongly predictive of their facility in learning to read and write; listening and speaking vocabulary, as well as mastery of syntax, set boundaries as to what children can read and understand, no matter how well they can decode" (2014).


From Jim Trelease (Read Aloud Handbook, 2001)

"Both speech and writing are ultimately copycat experiences- words get in through the ear or the eye and out at the tongue or end of a pencil. Therefore, the richer the language a person hears and reads, the richer and clearer the person's speech and writing. You don't use words you've never heard or read."
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What is Language Workshop?