Uttarakhand Disaster 2013

Flooding Out the Facts

This Monsoon Destroyed Uttarakhand

  • Uttarakhand received rain earlier this year. The monsoon reached the state almost two weeks in advance. Rivers in the region already have heavier flow in June than at other times of the year because of the seasonal melting of glaciers. When water falls on ice, it melts faster; and as it rained on the glaciers of the state, the massive run-off began to swell the rivers. These early rains and melting of glacier coupled with other factors were responsible for the disaster that occurred

Man-Made reasons for the disaster

  • Increasing human activities such as hydro-power projects, roads, hotels and dharmshalas in the name of development has disturbed fragile ecosystem and has snapped the spirit of life in the Himalayan region causing calamities.
  • The entire Himalayan watershed is an eco-sensitive zone, and deforestation in this zone has led to landslides and floods.
  • Deforestation is also one of the most important factor of uttrakhand disaster, which cause frequent landslide.
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Death and Damages

 822 Deaths occurred in flood (official estimates)

 1,800 were Missing persons

 2,232 houses were Fully damaged

 4,200 villages were affected

 1,520 roads got Damage

 Over 70,000 people were stuck in various regions because of damaged or blocked roads

 National Highway 58, an important artery near region Jyotirmath was also washed away

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Images of the Kedarnath Temple Before And After The Flood

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Steps Taken By the Government

  1. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Security Force, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Public Works Department and local administrations worked together for quick rescue operations.
  2. Several thousand soldiers were deployed for the rescue mission
  3. Helicopters were used to rescue people
  4. ITBP jawans distribute medicines to stranded pilgrims during Uttarakhand rescue operation
  5. Prime Minister of India undertook an aerial survey of the affected areas and announced 1000 crore (US$160 million) aid package.
  6. Several state governments also announced financial assistance :
  • Uttar Pradesh Government 25 crore.
  • The governments of Haryana, Maharashtra and Delhi 10 crore each
  • The governments of Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh 5 crore each.
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Steps Taken By The Local Community

  1. Local people distribute food to rescued pilgrims near IAF base camp in Dharasu.
  2. People distribute their old clothes which is in good condition.
  3. Schools and other local communities donate money.
  4. Private hospitals give the flood victims free medical treatments and medicines.
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