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When you purchase fish from us they are the actual fish caught by us in the sparkling waters of Bristol Bay, on the west coast of Alaska as they headed to either the Naknek River or the Kvichak River.Our salmon were immediately bled and placed in holds circulating refrigerated seawater to keep them cool and fresh.  We then delivered the fish to a small DEC approved custom processor in King Salmon, Alaska, who filleted, vacuum sealed and quick froze it.  We purchased a portion of a large freezer container and shipped it south to Seattle.  We pick the salmon up in Seattle ourselves with a freezer truck and transport it to our home, where it is stored in a large walk in freezer.  This allows us to have product available to distribute throughout the western United States.  We are continuously looking for new customers.  We are equally glad to sell one fillet to a salmon lover or large quantities to individuals, retailers,  or restaurants.  We strive to have repeat customers. 

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