Manassas High School


The purpose of Undefeated was to show how a football team that had many years of losses, became better with the help of Coach Bill. Also, its purpose was to show that in order to be great, you need to support and be there. Lastly, its purpose was to show that there can always be a change and that you don't have to stay at the bottom if you work hard.

-Thesis: The documentary achieved its purpose because it showed how they started from the bottom till where they are now.

Example 1

Before Coach Bill came along, Manassas football team had years of losing seasons.
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Example 2

Coach Bill always been there for all the players and especially O.C. The football team is like a second family to Bill. He say supportive things and he been there for six years and never gave up. Also, he helped them academically.
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Example 3

Even though they weren't fully undefeated, they made their way close to it. Manassas high school football team went from a underprivileged team to a team that can win games from schools who were privileged.
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My overall feeling after watching Undefeated is confidence. The perspective it gave me as a viewer is that it shows me that can always be a change and that things don't have to stay the way it is. It made me realized that you need the right person to come in your life to make things great.