6 traits of writing

Reilly Gross


Excellent writing has a clear message, purpose, or focus. The writing contains plenty of specific ideas and details.


Effective writing has a clear beginning, middle, and ending. The overall writing is well organized and easy to follow.


The best writing reveals the writers voice- his or her special way of saying things.

Word Choice

Good writing contains strong words, including specific nouns and verbs. The words fit the audience and deliver a clear message.

Sentence Fluency

Effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next. Sentences vary in length and begin in a variety of ways.


Good writing is carefully edited to make sure it is easy to understand.

Writing Process

The writing process includes brainstorming, prewriting, drafting, evaluation, revision, editing, and publishing\sharing. What you do in brainstorming is you brainstorm some ideas for a paper, etc. Prewriting is after brainstorming you write down your ideas in separate sentences. Then you do drafting, drafting is where you write\type your essay,etc. Evaluation is just breaking down your sentences turning them into shorter sentences. Revision you look if you have any mistakes on the paper, essay, etc. Editing is where you fix if there is any mistakes like in revision you look to see if you have mistakes not fixing them you do that in editing. Then you publish\share, you share it with your classmates, teacher or friend.

Write Tools

The write tools include the T-table, core four topic sentences, transitions/main ideas, details/tell me more sentences, conclusion sentences.The first part of write tools is the T-table. The T-table includes the green/yellow/red sentences. The second part of the write tools is the core four topic sentences which is green and green is a topic sentence and a conclusion sentence. The third part of the write tools is transitions/main ideas. Transitions/main ideas are the yellow sentences, which are main ideas. The fourth part of the write tools are details/tell me more sentences, which are red or pink. Then the last part of the write tools are conclusion sentences, which are green and sometimes they are the topic sentence.

Writing Process