Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 3, September 7 - 11, 2015

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September is Attendance Awareness Month

Monday, 9/7

Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, 9/8

Amy out - AM

Lesson plans due to your appraiser by 7:30 AM

Parent Orientation Night @ 6:30

Wednesday, 9/9

Amy @ Principal Meeting

Embedded Professional Development

Thursday, 9/10

Faculty Meeting - 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Friday, 9/11

WRES Spirit Day

Perfect Attendance? If your class has it, post this sign outside of your door...

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From your Principal

Reminders & To-Do's:
  • Sign up for evening events - "WRES Event Sign UP" - this is now hanging outside of my office....please fill in the blanks

Duty begins at 7:30 a.m.

We have had some GREAT goal setting meetings! It's exciting to see the growth mindset that you have encompassed!

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From your Assistant Principal

Textbooks, resources and worktext

There are a handful of teachers that have requested additional resources, TEs or worktexts. I received information late last week informing APs that the warehouse is currently out of materials and additional orders had to be placed with the vendors. Once I receive the items, I will get you what you’ve requested.


A google doc. was created and shared with your team leader. Please share any feedback regarding PBIS with your team leader. The PBIS team is meeting Thursday and we will discuss your concerns, questions and suggestions.

Ozone Alert

Please make sure you have a plan established for students that cannot go outside during ozone days.

Testing Window Dates:

· BOY ISIP-I Station Reading Grades 1-4 - September 8th-18th

· BOY ISIP- I Station Math Grades 1-2 – September 8th- 18th

· AIMS WEB MAZE September 1st -15th

· AIMS WEB M-CAP 1st-15th

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Focus this week - EXPECTATION #4

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From your Counselor

See video below for Counseling Tidbits 2015 - 2016

Counseling Tidbits 15 - 16

Help students develop growth mindsets by providing challenging work

Watch the 6 minute video and consider the following questions...

· How does Ms. Montoy-Wilson help her students become excited about challenges?

· Why is it important for students to articulate their thinking about challenging work?

· How does Ms. Montoy-Wilson ensure that her students are struggling productively?


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Library Lingo

Book Fair

  • The book fair will be here midweek! Depending on the day that everything is delivered, depends on when I can get set up and start the “wishlist” process. Book Sales will definitely be happening on Thursday from 7:30am-3:30, Friday from 7:30-4:30, Monday from 7:30-3:30 and Tuesday from 7:30-11am.
  • I do want students to check out books since it is only the second week of school, but would appreciate when you come this week, that you would stay with your class the whole time. I won’t be able to supervise students looking for library books, attending to the book fair, and managing the circulation desk all simultaneously. I have super powers, but not that many!

Just a few reminders when sending shoppers down…

· Please verify they have at least 54 cents!

· 8:00am-9:00am is always the most crowded, so expect your shopping student to be gone longer than you wished.

As soon as I figure out the best way to have classes in for previewing the book fair, I will be in touch. At this point, please come at your usual assigned day/time to the library unless I reach out and make special arrangements with you. Monday and Tuesday groups are most likely the ones that will be hearing from me.

T-Shirt Order

  • Friday, September 5 was the last day to sign up on the lounge door if you wanted a shirt ordered. Shirts will arrive in early October. Since so many have been ordered, the price will drop down a tiny bit. I will let you know the new amount soon. Payment by cash or a check written out to Karen Tassone can be made when the shirts come in.

Bright Yellow Papers

  • I made some two-sided bright yellow slips that explain how to load the new library database to your computer and/or your phone so you can search and see if we have books in the library without having to actually visit the library. I will be putting them in your boxes. Please know that I am more than happy to pull specific books that you want or you can leave it to me to find and pull specific books that are geared toward a topic/subject you request. Everybody is always welcome to come in and peruse on their own.

iPads, Nooks, and iPods

I am still working on the technology that will be available for daily check-out. The district is having issues with their servers and I am currently at a standstill just waiting for the servers to work so that I can get the devices all looking similar to what they have loaded. Some devices are completely empty and others have a lot of apps.

Aside, the IST’s are going to be using the devices for iStation testing over the next couple of weeks.