What Is Type 2 Diabeties?

2.3.1: A Day in the Life of a Diabetic

what you need to know if you have diabeties

If you have type two diabetes it means you where born with insulin but as you got older your body stopped making insulin. Adults commonly get type two diabetes ,but kids still can get it if there not exercising and eating right or are have obesity. Anybody can get diabetes if there not eating right or exercising. Diabetes is not curable as of right now, maybe some day it will be. If your a diabetic you mite want to consider making a food chat of what you eat each day and have specific times you eat each day. What insulin does in your body is when you eat something the sugar in that food goes into the blood stream, and when you don't have insulin to take that sugar and use it for energy it just builds up in your blood stream and will make your blood sugar high and that's not good. If you are a diabetic you have to monitor your blood sugar often through out the day and either give yourself insulin injections or you get the insulin pump. There are only two different types of insulin pumps. The basal is a type of pump that monitors your blood sugar and injects the insulin when you need it this one is most commonly used by kids. The bolous is the other type of pump which is commonly used by adults because you program it to the times you eat in a day. Both of these pumps inject the insulin by itself. You should always eat healthy and make healthy decisions for yourself like to exercise, especially if you have diabetes.