Music Therapy

Therapeutic Hobby or Holistic Superhero?

Music Therapy is...

...the use of music in medicine to:

  • Carefully intervene in the severity of medical issues where other treatments cannot prevail.
  • Work in tandem with other medical treatments where the primary treatment needs a vehicle or supplemental treatment pairing.
  • Create solutions to a wide multitude of medical issues (as it is not used for just one issue in the medical world) with a treatment plan specifically altered for individual patient cases.

Music Therapy Can...

  • Shrink asthma episodes
  • Ease and/or distract from pain in situations of light surgery, child birth, and general procedures.
  • Advance social skills in autistic children
  • Improve sleeping patterns and weight gain in premature babies
  • Aid with substance abuse treatment in community music therapy settings
  • Provide an outlet for wordless expression
  • Assist in providing emotional support and encouragement
  • Coaxing patients undergoing physical therapy to become more active

Music Therapy Is NOT:

  • A patient listening to a playlist of their favorite songs via their personal music player
  • Professional bedside musicians/band
  • Lobby pianists and performers
  • Background music on floors or individual rooms
  • Church Choirs, High School, or any other unprofessional charity performers