The Georgia Colony

By Benjamin Krizmanich


Have you wondered what was Georgia in colonial times? Long before colonial Georgia there were Mound Builders. Mound builders were Native Americans to Georgia.
Also, The two great country's Spain and England they both wanted Georgia so they battled for it. Finally England claimed Georgia in 1629. Colonial Georgia shared a lot of interesting information.

Long Before Colonial Georgia

Years before Colonial Georgia was established people settled they were Mound builders.3000 Years ago there were people called Mound Builders. They built houses on the Mountains. Next, Mound Builders built Giant rock Eagles they thought it will please their god. Green corn and dancing was part Mound builders festival during July or early August to thank the gods. The Mound builders love games and enjoyed sports one popular game was resembled lacrosse. Goal posts were set up on tree trunks and the had to shoot the ball in the goal

The Two Great Countries

Georgia was fought for many reasons let me tell you. In Georgia mostly Spain and England wanted to find gold in Georgia. But first Spain claimed Georgia they tried to make all the Indians to become Christians. But England finally claimed Georgia in 1629. England tried to back up their claims but did Georgia continue with English rules. The Indians helped British they sent them supplies .

The History of Colonial Georgia

The wonderful history of colonial Georgia. The founder of Georgia was James Oglethorpe who alone of all the colony platers lived till the Revolutionary War. Georgia was the only colony out of the thirteen colonies the received financial aid by the vote of parliament. The last as the first of the English colonies planted in North America the last famous colony.


the Georgia Colony was a interesting and also fascinating. Long before colonial Georgia there were Mound builders in which they built Giant rock eagles to please their gods. The two great countries fought to get Georgia Spain and England but England claimed Georgia. Georgia was found by Jame Oglethorpe the founder of Georgia. That's why the Georgia colony is interesting and amazing I hope you learned something.


: Christians a christian is a person who adheres to christian, an abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

: James Edward Oglethorpe
was a British general, member of Parliament, philanthropist and founder of the colony of Georgia.

: Mound Builders group of Indians that were native to Georgia they built Giant rock eagles they thought to please their gods.


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