Tip # 4

Attention Getters

Engaging Students

The rules and techniques for getting your students' attention are some of the most important you will introduce this year. By establishing call and response techniques, you maximize participation and time on task by quickly gaining students' focus. Take a look at some of the strategies your colleagues suggest and try them out.

Student Attention Getter: Saying the Secret Word

Watch this 1 minute video to see how this simple, positive approach can help you take the stress out of classroom management.

SLANT: Getting Ready to Learn

Think about how you could introduce the components of SLANT separately to make the strategy accessible to all students.

Attention Getting Signals: One Spot

Teach your students to expect direction from one spot in the room to provide consistency and focus.

Class Culture: Attention With Respect

Notice the simple, consistent verbal cues and quick individual student feedback that Mr. McCloud provides in this 1 minute video.

Watch to determine how Mr. McCloud frames accountability in a positive way.

How is the class "Respect" poster used to "bring it back to the front" and debrief the activity?