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Enhancing K-5 TEKS with iPads

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Goals for this Session:

  • Explore various apps and tools that are used to create a product.

  • Explore the process of using more than one app or tool to achieve a final product.

  • Discuss how you might be able to tailor these apps and tools for your grade level content.

  • Share creations that you have made with the group.

The "4 C's"

When working with our teachers we base the activities we design on:
-Critical Thinking

Pic Collage: What is it?

Pic Collage is a large work space in which you can arrange pictures, label texts, and search for images all in one app!

Thinglink: What is it?

ThingLink is an interactive media platform that empowers students to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos and videos.

-Use student Google Apps accounts for easy logins.
-Create individual accounts for students in Thinglink management.
-Highly recommended for app-smashing with Pic Collage!

Seesaw, The Learning Journal: What is it?

Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview

Seesaw: What is it?

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of all ages to independently document and share what they are learning at school, whether it be digital or non-digital. You, the teacher, are able to manage all of the content that is added. Seesaw is a great app to use in the classroom regardless of the subject! We would love to have you join us in this Global Seesaw challenge! The class we created in Seesaw is limited to the first 100 that sign up, so sign up today!

Seesaw: Getting Started

Getting Started

  • Download the Seesaw app. Download the "CLASS" app, NOT the "PARENT" app.
  • If you have already downloaded Seesaw and created a teacher account, be sure to sign out and sign back in as a student.
  • Open Seesaw and tap on "I'm a Student."
  • Scan the QR Code given (after you enable camera access) or Type in the Class Code that is given. The QR Codes scanner that is built into Seesaw is the only scanner that will scan this QR code.
  • You are now ready to complete your challenges!!
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How do I "Turn-in" each item?

  • After completing a task, tap on the green circle that contains a white check mark in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

  • You will eventually see a list of numbers 1-100. Tap on a number, making sure a green circle with a white check-mark appears next to the number you chose. Be sure to keep submitting tasks with this same number if you plan on completing all six tasks in one sitting. We will be checking this class frequently to change the number you chose to your Twitter username. If you prefer, you can complete the first task (note) then come back the next day to see if we changed the number you chose to your name, then you could complete the other five tasks, turning in assignments by tapping on your name.

  • Tap on the green circle in the upper right-hand corner one more time to complete the turn in process.

Seesaw: YOUR Challange

Haven't used Seesaw yet? Here is your chance! By logging into this class and completing the challenge, you will gain a better understanding of Seesaw and how it could be used in your classroom.

Here are the tasks to complete for each tool. Be sure to "turn in" each task! Please complete the NOTE TASK FIRST. We will then change the number you chose (instead of name) when handing in your assignment to your Twitter username.

  • Note--Add your Twitter name or regular name if you do not have a Twitter account. And your location. We will try to change your number that you chose to hand in assignments to your Twitter name to make handing in items easier.

  • Photo-- take a "selfie" and set a goal for yourself for the rest of the school year.
    Use the built in annotation tools to add layers of content to your work. (Record a voice annotation sharing your goal.)

  • Video--Shoot some video. Find someone you don't know and record a 30 second clip on how they already use Seesaw in the classroom or how they might start using it in the classroom. Tip: When uploading it, upload it as you and your partner.

  • Drawing--Solve a Math Problem! Use the Drawing item to work through a sample problem. On iOS devices, use the recordable whiteboard tool to draw + record at the same time.

  • Camera Roll-- Upload a saved image from your Camera Roll. If you do not have one available, create a quick Pic Collage that shows what your favorite type mobile device is. Bonus points if you can add a quick vocal recording to it!!

  • Link--Submit a link to a website or blog that you like to pursue.

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