The not so empty atmosphere!

Stars and Galaxies

Scientists and people say that there are billions and billions of stars and galaxies. This means that we haven't explored a lot of space, plus we can't even go past Pluto! That takes at least 300 years.

The Milky Way Galaxy

This is our galaxy, we have eight planets, but Pluto was classified as a Dwarf Planet. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our galaxy, and Saturn is right next to him at second biggest, plus both of them are called gas giants. Earth is the only planet with life on it, but people are speculating that Mars has life on it because of the water that appears and disappears. Venus is almost as big as Earth, the planet can be called "Earth's Daughter". Uranus and Saturn has rings, but Saturn's are visible, and Uranus's aren't because they are so thin. Neptune is just blue and very, very cold.

Some More Facts about Space!