Kindergarten News

September 7, 2018

Conversation Starters

As a way to foster conversations with your child about what we are learning, please ask him/her the following:

What is your favorite center in Kindergarten?

Tell me about one of the stories that Mrs. Poston has read to you.

Reading in Action

Read a story to your child. After reading the story, talk to your child about who "characters" are in a story. Ask them to name the characters in the story you just read.

Writers Workshop

As writers we are learning to add words to our illustrations to give the reader information about our pictures.

Reading Workshop

As readers, we are learning to track print and look at the pictures to help tell the story.

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we are making patterns.

Social Studies

As social scientists, we are learning how to be good friends to our classmates to ensure that they feel safe, valued and loved.

Play Doh

Thank you to the families that have donated Play Doh to our Art Center. If you have not donated yet, please send in some Play Doh next week.
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Guest Reader

We met Dr. Somerall this week. She is the Reading Coach at our school. She will be working with our class this year during Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop.
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Grandparents/Grand Friends Day on Friday

Family Activities

Please share family activities with us. We will try to provide time for your child to share about their special activities in class and also post some of the pictures in our newsletter. This is a great way for us to share with one another and build our classroom community/family.

Macayla visited the Zoo

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Savanna and her family at church

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Keion's First Day of School from his New House

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Environmental Science Tag Activities

Raelyn Apple Picking and Apple Tasting

Bella and Caitlyn out in nature

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