Crucible Act One

Character Chart

Arthur Miller -Author

He attended the University of Michigan. He first began writing his plays while he was in college. He married Marilyn Monroe in 1956 but was only married to her for 5 years. Arthur had many Communist traits but was never a part of the Communist party. He uses many unique techniques during his plays and writings. He wrote many other famous plays other than the Crucible. He was a part of the red scare.

Tituba -Minister's Slave

Was accused of being a witch in Salem. Tituba and two elderly women were the ones who caused the trials to spread through Salem

Abigail -Minister's Daughter

She was a young character based on someone in Salem during the witch trials. She is a 17 year old orphan, she is very beautiful.


Red Scare was during the 1950s. The Salem Witchcraft trials was during 1692 when people were being accused of being witches.

Reverend Parris

In his mid 40s. He lives in Salem Massachusetts. Reverend was a very bad man. He was a widower and did not like children. He was a merchant in Barbados.

Betty Parris

She is Reverend's daughter and she is 10 years old.

Thomas Putnam

Wealthy and influential citizen of Salem, and holds a grudge against Francis Nurse for preventing Putnam's brother in law fro becoming Minister

Anne Putnam

Give birth to 8 children but only 1 survived, the others died before they were a day old. She believed they were killed by supernatural means

Mercy Lewis

One of Abigail's friends

Mary Warren

The servant of the Proctor household. She is also a member of Abigail's group of girls. Timid and easily influenced

Rebekah Nurse

72 years old, very powerful and influencial. Married to Francis. She is wise and sensible and respected by the Salem committee.

John Proctor

Local farmer who lives just outside of town. Stern and harsh, hates hypocracy, had an affair with Abigail

Giles Corey

Elderly, feisty farmer. Known for filing law suits.