# Gueri11aEd Returns!

First Thursday of Each Month With Slow Chat To Follow

#Gueri11aEd - Different but the same.

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Plus ça change...

#Gueri11aEd will officially relaunch Thursday October 8th, 2015 at 8:00 pm C.S.T.

Things may look different:

What won't change (much):
  • Our normal twitter #Gueri11aED chat will happen the 1st Thursday of each month. We will be live and conversing in real time. The #Gueri11aEd chat hashtag will still be used. So, in essence, the same chat you knew and loved from last year will still happen this year.
  • Charles Cooper, Tracie Cain, Linda McDonald, Teela Watson will all still tighten their headbands and gather around the gueri11a camp fire... However...
  • Two new members will make their debut... Tom Kilgore and Lori Cole!!!

What will change:
  • The chats will only happen "live" the 1st Thursday of each month from 8-9 pm CST.
  • The chats will be an hour long instead of 30 minutes long.
  • The 1st 30 minutes of the "live" chat will review the previous month's topics (reflection time) and the 2nd 30 minutes of the "live" chat will be used to launch the theme or topic of the coming month.
  • For the next three weeks, we will launch a different question each Thursday that can be reflected upon and addressed throughout the week. Each of these questions will be related to the topic introduced during the 1st Thursday of that month.
  • Teachers throughout the region will post pictures related to that week's theme to the hashtag.
  • Also, during the three "slow ed chat" week, the #Gueri11aEd team will be visiting districts throughout the region and posting pictures related to that month's theme.
  • As stated above, the first "live" chat the next month will be used to revisit the theme and talk about the products shared via video and pictures.
  • Then we will launch a new theme for the coming month.

For Example:

1. October 8th - Live twitter chat
  • 1st 30 minutes - Welcome to the new #Gueri11aEd
  • 2nd 30 minutes - "Innovation in the classroom" theme and chat
Q1) What does an innovative classroom look/sound like?
Q2) What are the risks and benefits of innovation in the classroom?
Q3) What can we rely on students to help us innovate in the classroom?
2. October 15th - 1st Slow Ed Week
  • Instructors post pictures or videos (document) from their classroom related to question 1 from the "live" discussion (above).
3. October 22nd - 2nd Slow Ed Week
  • Instructors post pictures or videos (document) from their classroom related to question 2 from the "live" discussion (above).
4. October 29th - 3rd Slow Ed Week
  • Instructors post pictures or videos (document) from their classroom related to question 3 from the "live" discussion (above).
5. November 5th - Next "live" #Gueri11aEd chat 8-9pm
  • 1st 30 minutes - Review October's theme and artifacts
  • 2nd 30 minutes - Launch November's theme and questions.
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Sign Up & Lead A #Gueri11aEd Chat... You know you want to :)

Sign Up Here!!!

Have a great developing idea you'd like to crowd source? Did you just publish an article or book that you'd like to expose to countless billions of people? Are you implementing a great idea in the classroom that could help other teachers better cope with their day, content area, students, etc.?

Sign up and lead our #Gueri11aEd chat and get our troops behind you. We all have that one special ed-related skill that we know we're the world's best at! Share your genius and help others...then join in other #Gueri11aEd chats and let our PLN support and inspire you in return.

Sign Up and be a Region11 Leader... you know you want to :)
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Nominate Your Campus or District RockStar

We at #Gueri11aEd believe there are more than one "teacher of the year" on each campus.

We have Rock Star level teachers all throughout our region. Canvasing every campus in every district is tough, though. To this end, we ask that you nominate your Rock-stars using this link. Your submissions will be evaluated by the team and each month one person will be chosen from the pool of nominees. You DO NOT have to renominate every month. Each nomination is valid in perpetuity. Recognized Rock stars will receive a plaque, a small gift, and unending admiration from our team and your organization... FOR EVER!!!! We know teachers are awesome... let's recognize that awesomeness ASAP.
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#Gueri11aEd Storify - 2014-2015

You can access the 2014-2015 #Gueri11aEd chats from last year by clicking here. Links embedded within the tweets are still live and the insight offered in the chats are still valid, so jump in and see if you can find some useful information, tools, or resources. :)
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