Technology Matters

Issue #1: September-December 2017

G Suite & Google Calendar Updates

Hour of Code

Although Computer Science Education Week was December 4 - December 10th, December is still a great opportunity to promote and engage students in Computer Science. Computer Science is changing every industry on the planet and is extremely beneficial that students have the opportunity to learn how to create technology. Computer Science concepts also help nurture creativity and problem solving skills to prepare students for any future career.

Hour of Code is a global movement giving students a fun first introduction into Computer Science. offers hundreds of activities for Kindergarten and up, check them out in the link below!

PowerTeacher Pro Updates

Spotlight On

Virtual Reality

In these pictures, you can see a first-grade class using the Virtual Reality goggles and Google Expeditions to explore a firehouse. A few days about this exploration, local firefighters and a firetruck came to school. The students were able to extend their learning during Fire Safety Week with these combined experiences.

There are virtual reality experiences about all topics in the solar system to under the sea! Set up a time to meet with your Ed Tech about enhancing instruction with this tool.

Available Expeditions:

Reminder: Securly Parent Portal

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship lessons for your classroom.

K-2 Going places safely - How do you go places safely online?-

3-5 Talking safely online - What's the difference between internet friends and in person friends?

What Does a Technology Specialist Do?

Support the implementation of grade and age level appropriate applications of educational technology in the classroom to support and personalize student learning.

Research and implement best practices in educational technology and guide teachers in creating lessons that will incorporate learning goals that allow our students to prepare for online/technology driven assessments.

Communicate with the Technology Department to support the use of hardware, software and online resources.

Conduct on-going professional development for teachers to support the use of technology for classroom instruction, at differentiated levels, to meet all students’ needs.

Model educational technology strategies for teachers that demonstrate best-practices and research-based instruction with students.

Assist in ensuring consistent implementation of District initiatives and curricula.

Facilitate Professional Learning Communities to promote the use of technology through collaboration and professional dialogue.

Promote global citizenship by providing research opportunities for students and teachers to engage in global collaborations and design thinking projects using technology.

Develop lessons and opportunities that promote digital citizenship and safe and productive technology use.

Engage students in projects grounded in constructivist pedagogy and the maker movement, exposing them to the intersections of science, technology, engineering, and design.

Meet Your Elementary Educational Technology Integration Specialists

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