The Tohickon Golden Eagle

March 2017

On the Verge of Spring

Dear Tohickon Families,

We are three weeks away from the first day of Spring. It is hard to believe that we have reached this point in the year already. The month of February was packed with great activities such as the Relay for Life Kick Off, Dodgeball Tournament and Student-Faculty Basketball Game. The month of March is equally busy. During the first few weeks, we will be hosting our Spring Musical and the Sixth Grade Orientation. The last few weeks of the month will include the Parent Council Meeting, Go for the Greens Day and a Spanish Trip to Holicong Middle School.

The Spring Musical is scheduled to take place on March 9th, 10th and 11th beginning at 7PM. "Aladdin Jr." is the featured presentation. There will be a special matinee presentation on Saturday beginning at 2:30 PM. The musical students and staff have been preparing for this for months. All members of our community are invited to attend to support this special event. I hope to see you there!

Sixth Grade Orientation will take place on March 7th at 7PM. Parents will have an opportunity to meet with our Department Coordinators and Specialists from 7 to 7:25 PM. The main presentation will begin at 7:30 PM in the auditorium. Mr. Dudley, Mr. Pustay, the Guidance Counselors and I, will be reviewing important items to be aware of as your child prepares to enter the middle school.

The Parent Council Meeting will be held on March 16th at 9AM in the Tohickon Library. State Representative Marguerite Quinn will be in attendance to provide updates on legislative activity at the state level. There will be opportunities for parents to ask questions and obtain valuable information relating to a variety of topics.

On March 23rd, we will be hosting "Go for the Greens Day." This is a day, sponsored by the Wellness Committee, when we promote healthy eating habits. Students will be provided with green salads during the lunch periods in an effort to promote healthy foods.

Lastly, our Spanish 2 students are scheduled to go on a field trip on March 28th. This is an annual event that our staff and students always look forward to.

In closing, I want to wish all of our Tohickon Families a fantastic month! As always, if you should have any questions, please contact the main office at 267-893-3300. I look forward to seeing many of you at our Spring Musical.


Kevin Marton, Principal

The March Calendar of Events

There are several upcoming events that students and parents should be aware of. The events for the month of March are as follows:

March 7

  • 6th Grade Parent Orientation 7PM
  • 8th Grade Students need to return their 9th Grade Verification Sheets

March 8

  • Verification sheets sent home with 9th Grade Students

March 9

  • Math Club at 2:30 PM

March 9 through 11

  • Spring Musical at 7PM
  • Matinee Presentation on Saturday the 11th beginning at 2:30 PM

March 15

  • 9th Grade Students need to return their verification sheets

March 18

  • National History Day at Ursinus College

March 23

  • "Go for the Greens Day"
  • Math Club at 2:30 PM

March 24

  • Tohickon Jazz Festival

March 28

  • Spanish Trip to Holicong


On Wednesday, February 15th, the Tohickon ninth-grade class attended the annual Holocaust assembly. For the seventh consecutive year, presenters from the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. shared their experiences with the freshman class. Students have been learning about the atrocities that occurred in Europe during World War II in both English and History classes, so the presentation served as a powerful culminating activity. Mr. Allan Silverberg, the committee chairman of the Jewish War Veterans, served as the facilitator of the event and introduced a number of special guests, most notably Danny Goldsmith and Bernard (Bernie) Lens. Mr. Goldsmith retold the harrowing story of his mother’s efforts to keep him and his sister out of the concentration camps and how his family was aided by many strangers throughout the war. Mr. Lens, a Jewish World War II veteran, recounted his experience of liberating a concentration camp and how the memories still affect him to this day. At the conclusion of their presentation, the panel eagerly answered any remaining questions from the audience. A special luncheon was held following the presentation that included the day’s presenters, teachers, and thirteen ninth-grade students who had won an essay contest to have lunch with the panel. Our appreciation goes out to the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. for helping the ninth-grade class continue a very important Tohickon tradition!

Student Council Spotlight

Student Council has been doing a lot of great things this school year! The Welcome Back Dance started our year, and we sponsored the Winter Dressy Dance along with a Toys for Tots collection, which was a huge success. These events were an opportunity for Tohickon students to relax, socialize with friends, and celebrate!

In December, students enjoyed a fierce Students vs. Faculty volleyball game. After a hard fought battle, the teachers came out victorious. Students also had the opportunity to win candy and other fun prizes in the student raffle.

Just recently we joined with the students in the Musical to sponsor Tohickon’s 3rd Dodgeball Tournament. The snacks at the concession stand and the size and enthusiasm of the crowd were incredible!

Just this past Friday, Student Council hosted the Student vs. Faculty Basketball game. This annual event is an opportunity for students and staff alike to share their skills on the court. This year’s game featured a Half-Court Shot competition, with one lucky shot winning a $25 WaWa gift card!

Student Council is not done hosting amazing activities! The Talent Show is still to come! We cannot wait to see the talented students of Tohickon showcased on our stage!

The Third Annual Dodgeball Tourney is a Huge Success!!!

Once again, The Tohickon Dodgeball Tournament was a huge success! Several of our Tohickon Families and community members attended to watch our students compete and have a great time. Several of our staff members attended the tourney as well. A special thanks to Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Zagwoski for planning and organizing this fantastic event!

Important Reminders

Late Arrival to School and Participation in After School Activities

In order to take part in any after-school event (including dances), students must attend school for at least half of the day. At the middle/high school levels, students need to report to school by 10:30 AM.

Water Bottles are Allowed at Tohickon!!!

Water bottles are allowed at Tohickon! It is important for our students to be hydrated at all times, especially as we approach the warmer months.


The Parent Council Meeting is scheduled for March 16th at 9:00 AM in the Tohickon Library. State Representative Marguerite Quinn is scheduled to visit us in order to provide an update on happenings in Harrisburg and to answer any questions we may have.



Spring is near and it is a very busy time of year here for the seventh grade teams. We ended the second marking period with a mid-year team awards ceremony. Awards were presented in each core subject area to deserving students. Pictured below are all of our award recipients.

The second half of the school year brings with it many core assessments. Core Assessments are universal assessments used across the district in each given content area. These common grade level assessments are designed to evaluate the students’ mastery of certain core skills or content. Core Assessments are given throughout the year in science classes at the conclusion of each unit. In the other core subject areas, core assessments are limited to two or three in a year, mostly falling in the third or fourth marking period. For example, in the ELA A classes, students are currently preparing for the Citizen Composer Core Assessment, which is an argumentative writing piece. ELA B classes will soon be starting the Book It Core Assessment, which is a book presentation that focuses mostly on character, theme, and public speaking skills.

We have two community service efforts happening in March. We are kicking off the month with a supply drive for the American Cancer Society’s Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge in Cheltenham, PA. This drive is a way for 7th graders to contribute during Relay for Life season, even though they cannot participate in the event. The Hope Lodge is a place for cancer patients and their caregivers to stay for free while receiving treatment at an area hospital. For more information about Hope Lodge, visit their website:

Please enjoy the photos below of some Discovery students having fun completing an energy transfer lab in Mrs. Showaker’s Science classes!


Math classes are preparing for their favorite holiday….Pi Day!! March 14th will be our day to celebrate the mathematical wonder of the number Pi. Each math class has been running a fundraiser to support the Ronald McDonald house. Select students that participate in the fundraiser will have an opportunity to participate in our pie throwing contest on March 14th. It will be so irrational!

The Tohickon Math Club has started for this school year. This club is a great way for students to use their problem solving skills to solve challenging and fun situations. The club meets in room 318 from 2:30-3:30 PM on the following Thursdays: March 9th, March 23rd, April 6th, and April 27th.

Science classes have been working on the human body unit. Each body system has a station dedicated to it. The students are applying research skills, conducting experiments and/or using manipulatives to better understand each system. Some of the topics covered within the stations are the skeletal system, digestive system, and the circulatory system.

T5 this month on the 8th grade floor focused on the topic of anxiety and stress. We discussed what anxiety is and ways to handle anxiety. The students were given the challenge to decorate their classroom door to reflect ways to handle anxiety. Each T5 group came up with creative and original ways to show how anxiety and stress can be handled.


In Mr. Collin's classes, we are working our way through stations to learn about the human body systems and how they work together to keep us all alive. Students are working in groups to model the heart and assemble a complete human skeleton. Additionally, they will run a series of tests on their pulse rate, blood pressure, lung capacity, various senses, digestive processes, reflexes, and reaction time.

In Mr. Trimbur’s SS classes, students have begun a unit titled America Grows Up – Causes of the Civil War. Students have been divided into two political parties and will address issues that America faced from 1790-1860. In problem solving various issues, students should be able to assess whether the Civil War was inevitable.

In Miss Fuller's classes, the students are working on exponents and factoring while focusing on real world applications. The students are getting ready for Pi Day and are collecting money for the Ronald McDonald House. Currently, Miss Fuller's classes have bought 103 pies!

In Mr. Sibel’s classes, students are finishing up their class novels (Fahrenheit 451, and Tuesdays with Morrie). Students displayed their own literary analysis of their texts via a whole class “round table” discussion. One question was posed to start and students took control from there, asking and answering high level questions while sharing a depth of knowledge with their classmates. Next, we will be entering a mini-unit on argument followed by a short-story mini unit.


Mrs. Kennedy’s math classes are currently getting ready to celebrate Pi-Day on March 14th! Sales are going on now for students to order Tastykake pies to eat in class on pi-day. Cost is $1.50/pie and we offer a variety of flavors. All proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Philadelphia. The class period with the highest sales will earn a class party, and the top 5 students who buy the most pies will earn the chance to smash Mr. Dudley with a pie!! Please allow your child to buy a few pies to support this wonderful cause.

In Mr. Forney’s Social Studies class, students have just finished up the Constitution Unit and will soon embark upon a new unit titled "America Grows Up." In this unit, students will be doing a variety of things such as role playing, debate, competitions, and independent study. They will be learning about the first several presidents of the United States and how the country is adjusting to the many issues that will lead to the Civil War.

In Mrs. Moran’s English/Language Arts class, student are reading the drama 12 Angry Men. The story is written in 3 Acts, and students are given roles and asked to read their lines aloud. They are learning a lot about the justice system in this unit, which is full of activities and thought-provoking questions leading to great classroom discussion.

Mr. Weir’s Science students are beginning the Human Body unit. They are completing labs which explore the various human body systems. Students will also get to experience the human body through the use of virtual reality. Mr. Weir was a recipient of a CB Cares grant which went to the purchase of 18 Virtual Reality goggles for the science department!


SHOTS Fired! Over the next few weeks, the 9th grade will be marching through Asia and Europe as they study WWII. This unit will take the students through a WWII simulation that involves 18 different countries. It’s every man for himself. In addition to learning about the causes and effects of the war, students will also learn about the U.S. home front, advancements in technology, and the Holocaust. On March 3rd, we will have our annual Holocaust assembly during which the students will see a presentation from a Holocaust survivor. It’s sure to be an exciting few weeks.

In English, several classes are reading Night by Elie Wiesel, a memoir about Wiesel’s time in the concentration camps of Europe when he was fifteen years old. Not only is this book relevant because our students are the same age as young Wiesel, but it is another connection to their social studies classes. Learning about World War II in social studies while reading a memoir of a Jewish prisoner in English class helps students to more fully grasp this time period from a number of different perspectives. Ninth graders also had the opportunity to listen to and to ask questions of a Holocaust survivor, and in April students will have the opportunity to visit the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. if they so choose.

Students in 9th grade science classes are studying how evolution occurs on Earth. An understanding of heredity is necessary to fully understand evolution. Pictured here are students using the new touch screen laptops to conduct a simulated experiment in which mice with specific traits are bred. This allows students to study how traits are passed down from parent to offspring.


Spring sports are quickly approaching! This year, the Central Bucks middle schools will be offering 7th and 8th grade boys and girls lacrosse as part of the spring sports options. If your child missed the spring sports informational meetings earlier this month and is interested in participating in a spring sport, please visit the Tohickon Athletics website. First click on “7th and 8th Grade Sports” and then on “Spring Sports”. All information can be found here.

Please remember that students interested in participating in a spring sport must have a PIAA physical on file with Tohickon's athletic department and be registered for a spring sport on Family ID. If a student has already played a sport for Tohickon, he or she must complete a Parent Recertification form as well as register for a spring sport on Family ID. All forms and links are available through the athletics website.


Tohickon’s Reading Olympic teams are feverishly reading as many of this year’s Reading Olympics titles as possible before the April 20 competition at Unami. At the last meeting the teams designed their t-shirts and picked out their team colors. The next few meetings we will have mock competitions to prepare for the real event.

Tohickon’s Diversity Club February meeting had two special speakers: Nate Harris, 7th grade English teacher and Zach Sibel, 8th grade English teacher. Mr. Harris spoke to our students last year and they couldn’t wait for him to visit us again this year. Both teachers shared their experiences of growing up and specific life events that helped make them who they are. We discussed ways to combat some of the anxieties of being a young adult and the need to accept and love yourself.

General Information about After School Clubs

In order for clubs to run, a teacher must be willing to sponsor the club after school and there must be a reasonable level of student interest. For these reasons, Tohickon clubs may be different from year to year. Over the course of this year, Tohickon will be running the following clubs:

Debate Club - Sponsored by Mr. Forney

Diversity Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Fox

Anime Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Bongiorno

Math Club (2nd Semester) - Sponsored by Mrs. Bellavance and Mrs. Rissing

Science Olympiad - Sponsored by Mr. Weir and Mr. Collins

Garden Club (Seasonal) - Sponsored by Mr. Neely and Ms. Mangold

If you are interested in joining one of the clubs at Tohickon or have any questions, please see the club's sponsor in order to sign up.


Cold and Flu season is here! We are seeing an increase in students with respiratory and GI symptoms. Please continue to encourage your child to get plenty of rest, eat healthfully, stay hydrated, and wash their hands often. If your child does not feel well, please choose wisely in deciding if they are well enough to attend school. Avoid telling students to text you or you text them if they are not feeling well. Instead advise them to be evaluated by the school nurse. Our nursing staff will never deny a student a call to parents.

School dental exams have been offered to any 7th grade student who did not submit a private dental exam report as required by the Pennsylvania. Please return the permission form to the school nurse office as soon as possible if interested in this service.


SAP – Student Assistance Program

Tohickon recognizes students who are subject to a variety of pressures. The mission of our Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to identify students through a referral process and to intervene in an effort to promote achievement and academic success. We seek to promote healthy, safe, and substance-free lifestyles by connecting these students and their families with appropriate school based or community resources. For more information, please visit the link on the Tohickon webpage under Guidance:

Parent Portal

Online Census Verification is a feature available in Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Each year, the Central Bucks School District asks our families to fill out a census verification form. This year the form is online. This form ensures that student information is accurate and also provides our school nurse with important medical permissions for your child. If you have not already done so, please complete the census verification through the PARENT PORTAL as soon as possible.

For more information, including troubleshooting suggestions, please go to:

If you are unable to complete the online verification, please call the Tohickon Guidance office at 267-893-3310.

Haven’t set up your Parent Portal Account?

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Parent Resources”

  3. Click on “Parent Portal Information” in the left column

  4. Select link “Need a Parent Portal Account”

  5. Complete “Parent Portal Online Request Form”. Submit.

Do we have your E-Mail Address?

In an effort to communicate with all of our families in a fast, efficient manner, we are asking parents/guardians to enter their E-mail addresses through the parent portal. Having a contact E-mail address on file will allow us to mass E-mail all of our Tohickon families at once regarding urgent news and information. Not only will the information reach you faster than through the traditional mail service, but we will also save considerably on paper and postage costs.

How to add or update your E-Mail address?

Log on to the Parent Portal

Choose option to “Change Contact Info”

Enter E-Mail address in field and SAVE

Thank you for helping us improve our communication with our families!