The History of Immigrants

Don't mess with immigrants

Country's immigrants came from



-Great Britain




When immigrants came to America

When immigrants come and why

``Immigrants started coming to America in the eighteen eighty to nineteen fifty. Immigrants came to America to find a better home and jobs. Immigrants came to America to escape poverty.

Ellis island

-When immigrants wanted to come to america they had to go threw Ellis island or angel island

-Ellis island is one of the station immigrants went threw.


Ellis island took hours when people stayed, but Angel island took days.

Ellis island is located where the Statue of Liberty is.

what immigrants brought to america

  1. New foods
  2. Farming skills
  3. New utilities
  4. New clothing
  5. New langue

what immigrants faced

  • Jewish immigrants went to America to escape poverty, but the Jewish experience it again in America. Immigrants went to America to find better jobs and and a better home.