Mrs. Ayers' Weekly Newsletter

November 16th ,2015

Week at a Glance

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I forgot to send homework in math tonight so PLEASE have your child sudy multiplication facts, play a multiplication game on line or just write their facts. Thanks!

Students have been learning and practicing different strategies to complete 2 digit times 1 digit and 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication problems and 2 to 3 digits divided by 1 digit. We will continue to practice adding and subtracting 2 to 4 digits with regrouping.

Homework will be a worksheet with a few problems each night practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Keep working on multiplication facts. We will continue timed multiplication tests this week. Please have your child study the facts they are weakest in.

CC02.12 (5.02) : Multiplication Multi-Digit Array Model
Multiplication Strategies

Video Links for Learning Multiplication Facts

Multiplication tables 2 to 10 | Multiplication songs for children | elearnin
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Students will need to reach or exceed Lexia Core goals unless you have told me that they do not have access, Students who do not have access will need to read and write a summary.

We do not have access to Lexia Core past what some have already finished. I have told these students that they may continue to read for Battle of The Books. Since they are held accountable for their reading during their Friday meetings and when they have their competition, they will not have a summary to write.

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Animal Adaptations -- Vocabulary


A body part, body covering, or behavior that helps an animal survive in its environment.


The actions of an animal.


A color or shape in an animal's body covering that helps it blend into its environment.


Everything that surrounds and affects a living thing. The environment includes non-living things, such

as water and air, as well as other living things.


The place where an animal lives. The physical characteristics of an animal's surroundings.

Inborn Behavior (instinct)

A behavior an animal is born with and does not have to learn.


An adaptation in which an otherwise harmless animal looks like a harmful animal in order to protect



An animal that hunts and eats other animals for food.


An animal that is taken and eaten by another animal (predator) for food.


Using adaptations to continue to live.