Lainz Angels Of Death

Date of Birth

Lainz Angels of Death was a group of four women which originated from Vienna, Austria. The four women were nurses in Lainz General Hospital in Vienna. The four women were Waltraud Wagner 29, Stephanija Meyer 43, Irene Leidolf 21, Maria Gruber 19.
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How the killings started

The killings started in1983-1989. Waltraud Wagner was the first to kill with an overdose of morphine in 1983. She discovered that she liked playing the role of God and having the power of life and death in her hands. She recruited Maria Gruber 19 and Irene leidolf, and eventually the house mother of the group 43 year-old Stephanie Meyer. They killed their patients if they annoyed them, they had a book of the stuff that annoyed them witch included snoring, soiling the sheets, refusing medication or buzzing the nurses station for help at inconvenient times. She then would tell her accomplices "this one gets a ticket to God" and later she would kill them.
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How they killed their patients

They would poison their patients with morphine and also pinch their nose and pour water down their throat, this helped the nurses cover up the murder since most patients were old and had liquids in their lungs. They had at least 300 victims.

The Arrest

They were discussing their murders in a bar and someone over heard their conversation and went to the police, There was a six week investigation and on April 7 they were arrested. They were convicted of 15 murders, 17 attempts , and 2 counts of assault, they were sentenced to life in prison in march 1991, but they were released in 2008 because of good behavior.