Context Clues

5th Grade - Unit 3, Week 1

What are context clues?

Context clues can help you understand the meaning of an unknown word. You can look for cause and effect relationships between words as clues. They could be in the same sentence or in a nearby sentence.

What does "relocated" mean?

Paul's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Gorski, were teachers, and this was a chance they couldn't pass up. Their apartment had been covered with travel guides full of cultural information ever since Mrs. Gorski's sister and her husband had relocated to Argentina six months ago.

relocated means __________________________________________________________

What does "bleak" mean?

As he was complimenting the food, Paul felt his bleak mood improving.

bleak means ________________________________________________________________

What does "multilingual" mean?

Paul noticed that like New York, Buenos Aires had people from all over the world. His aunt Lila remarked, "We speak Spanish, but I really need to be multilingual!"

multilingual means ________________________________________________________________