7th Grade Newsletter

Believe Motivate Succeed

December 7th - December 11th

Grade Level Information

Upcoming Dates:

  • Quarter 2 Benchmarks 12/11-12/16
  • December 18th - End of Q2/Snow Jam
  • December 21st - January 4th - Winter Break

Important Information:

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Field Trip to Zoo Atlanta

Field trip payments can no longer be made through "My Payments Plus". Please send all future payments to your child's first period teacher. The next payment of $20 is due by February 5th.

November is Parent Engagement Month in Georgia! To celebrate this important month, the Georgia Department of Education’s Parent Engagement Program invites Georgia’s parents to tell us how they play a role in their children’s academic success!

It is our pleasure to introduce Georgia’s own “Kid Superintendent.” Please click the video below to view her important message explaining how the Parent Engagement Program wants your parents to celebrate Parent Engagement Month with us!

Language Arts

Cable: Nonfiction novel: A Night to Remember/ Benchmark Review/3rd IRR due Dec. 14th

Johnson: Continue A Night to Remember, dining experience on Monday,Jobs of a Noun test on Tuesday, Language Arts Benchmark on Thursday,

Taylor: Continue novel "A Night to Remember" Benchmark Thursday 10th. Study Guide will go home Friday.


7th Grade Math: We will continue Part 2 of Unit 3. Our focus will be percent and percent application. The math benchmark will be on December 11th. A practice test and list of topics to practice will be available on your child's schoology site.

Accelerated Math: We will continue Unit 5: Exponents. Our focus will be exponents, scientific notation, square roots, and roots. The math benchmark will be on December 11th.


Larson/Cochran: We will be wrapping up our study of the organ systems of the body and will have a test over the excretory, reproductive/endocrine, nervous, and immune systems on Wednesday, December 9. Please encourage your child to start studying now.

Webster: We are studying the digestive system. The test will be Wednesday, December 9. the second quarter benchmark is on the 15th! Please begin to review past information that you moved to the benchmark section of your science binder!

Duncan: We will be wrapping up our study of the organ systems of the body as we learn about the reproductive system (don't worry, it will be rated PG), endocrine system, and nervous system.

Social Studies

Social studies classes will be examining trade in the Middle East. We will have a quiz over Middle East Economics and Government on Friday, December 11th. ​

Parent Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

  • Think of synonyms for words with your child. For example, a synonym for talk is converse.

  • Read a textbook assignment with your child. Then ask him to tell you about it in his own words.

  • Emphasize the importance of attending school regularly. Point out that attendance is also vital in the working world.

  • Write your child’s name vertically. Have her use each letter to begin a line of a poem about herself.

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