Roman Name: Apollo

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God of Music, Medicine, Light, and Reason

Character Traits

  • Overachiever
  • Caring
  • Wise


Parents: Zeus and Leto

Siblings: Artemis (twin sister)

Spouses: 13

Children: 12 children only 1 was said to be his true daughter

Apollo's Three Weaknesses

  • Apollo was constantly cheating and flirting with other women while he had a wife.
  • Another weakness was that he would lose his temper easily if he was provoked. Ex. If someone insulted his mother, the gods, or mortal men.
  • Another weakness is vulnerability because he falls in live too many times and gets heartbroken time and time again. (He falls in love too easily, and looses interest too quick.)

Apollo's Three Strengths

  • He is very talented he invented the lute and is very talented in playing the lyre.
  • He can see into the future and make prophesies.
  • He is very good at archery, makes music, and teaches people how to cure the sick and comfort them.

Interesting Facts

  • Apollo accidentally killed one of his good friends, Hyacinthus, in a discus throwing contest.
  • Zeus killed Apollo's son Asclepius because he was able to raise people from the dead and the Gods wouldn't allow that.
  • Hera, Zeus' wife, got mad when she found out he got someone else pregnant and sent a dragon to kill Leto and the children but Apollo killed it.

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