Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Gabriella Maisonet


  • Usually well developed by middle childhood
  • By age 11 they have auditory awareness of adults
  • Ear infections can be a health problem
  • Ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss


  • Ready to read
  • Can see a object with both eyes at the same time
  • Ability to focus improves
  • At this age being nearsighted is a common problem
  • Engaged in reading & Close Up work highers chance of being nearsighted
  • 25% will need to have vision correction by the end of school year
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  • Lose baby teeth
  • First & Second Graders usually have toothless smiles
  • By age 12 all of the 20 Primary teeth are there
  • Tooth Loss can have an effect on children (Self-Consciousness)
  • Common health problem is Tooth Decay
  • Parents & Teachers should promote good dental health
  • Children with less hygiene tend to get the most cavities


  • Common problem among school-age children
  • Obesity is excessive bodily fat (20% More Than Others)
  • Usually bullied so can cause impact of emotional health
  • May have fewer friends
  • May lack self-esteem
  • Could be inherited
  • If overweight as child most likely overweight as adult
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