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Snow Day!


We talked about sunshine laws, the sunset clause, and whistleblowers. We also discussed how the bureaucracy is accountable to Congress, the president, and itself. Sunshine laws are regulations that require openness in the government. The sunset clause puts an expiration date on legislation. Whistleblowers are civil servants who disclose fraud in the government. The bureaucracy is accountable to the president because the president appoints the members. The bureaucracy is accountable to Congress because Congress funds their organization.
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The judicial branch is set up by article III of the Constitution and the Supreme Court was the only court set up by the framers. The Judiciary Act of 1789 created federal district courts. The Judiciary Act of 1891 divides the court of appeals into 9 units to separate the workload and make it more manageable.


Constitutional law is the body of law that comes out of the courts in cases involving the interpretation of the constitution. Statutes are laws written by legislatures. Code law is the compilation of all laws passed by Congress. Common law is the opinions of the court that are added to law to explain or justify the ruling. Stare decisis means "let the decision stand," and occurs when the court refers back to precedent.
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Maine-Endwell Graduate of Distinction Danielle Crowder came in and talked about how she got involved with the Jag Corps. She discussed her involvement at Maine-Endwell, which included playing trumpet in the Symphonic Band and bowling. She discussed the college process and her journey to becoming a lawyer. She also talked about how her job led her to places all over the nation as well as a station overseas in Italy.