SMS Bulletin 1.11.16

Show Respect-Make a Difference-Set the Bar High

Mission and Vision

At Schmucker Middle School we strive to cultivate a thriving and safe learning community that promotes academic excellence, lifelong learners, and socially responsible and productive citizens.

To do list

1. Attend staff meeting on 1/12 beginning at 8:25 in the IMC

2. Finalize student grades in TAC by 1/19

3. Finalize 2015 SLOs and enter data into SFS

4. Please supervise outside you classroom during passing periods and before school. Talk to, greet, fist bump, smile at and high five students while they are in the hallway.

Staff Meeting on Tuesday, 1/12


1. Constructed Response Presentation blended with use of Nearpod, which is an interactive presentation resource.

Please bring your laptops and log-in when you arrive.

Advisory Period

Week 20

1/11: Flex Day

1/12: Read Day (No CBs)


1/13: Flex Day

1/14: Read Day (No CBs)

1/15: Kindness Project (Details will be shared via WSMS)

5 Star Lessons: We are changing the format of our 5 star lessons. We will show the video and then teachers should discuss the questions. We will not have students fill out the google doc form any longer. Feel free to add additional questions.

Flex Days: Teachers can choose from the following list of activities below to do with students on these days.

1. Team building

2. HAC checks

3. Read

4. Students work on homework

Please access the link Advisory Resources for information regarding our 2nd quarter Advisory curriculum. This folder is shared with all teachers.

Read Days

Teachers should model Read days for their students on Tuesday and Thursdays. Beginning on Tuesday, please consider modeling for students as you read "What Connected Educators Do Differently".

Professional Reading

What Connected Educators Do Differently.

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together."

Paul Ryan

Staff Bio

Tami Lewis is a lifelong PHM member, having received her education in Elsie Rogers, Kennedy, Schmucker, and Penn schools (as Tami Boyer). She graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Geography emphasizing meteorology and climatology, along with a computer science minor. Prior to being hired at Schmucker, Tami taught computer applications and office procedures in a part-time position at the South Bend branch of Davenport Business College. After five years of teaching there, she decided that she'd rather teach full time, and teach something in the science realm. She joined the staff at Schmucker in 1989 as a computer applications teacher after completing her Master's degree at IUSB, and transitioned to 8th grade science the following year. She spent 25 years teaching science before changing to English as a new language this year. Tami and her husband Robin will celebrate being married for 31 years this coming February. They currently have two cats, Queenie and Peanut. Tami and Robin enjoy being “dinks” (double income, no kids) and spend their free time by working in the yard, making wine, and taking classes in Chinese language and calligraphy.

Staff Bio

Kari Miller graduated from Adams High School where she played basketball and was in the marching band. She was also very active in her church's youth group. She graduated from Valparaiso University with a B.S. in Elementary Education with a Reading Minor. She received her Master's degree from Indiana University at South Bend and has continued to take additional graduate credits from Valpo and IUSB. During her college summers and post college, she traveled the world, eventually traveling to twenty different countries on four continents. At Valpo, she studied abroad for a semester in Australia where she played basketball at the university. In addition, she was a Teacher Leader with People to People Student Ambassadors for two summers taking high school students to Australia and to the U.K. Kari spent 13 years teaching in elementary prior to coming to Schmucker. This is her 10th year being a Spartan. At Schmucker, she has taught Language Arts, Non-Fiction, Science, Math, and Social Studies in 6th grade, a Skills class for 6-8th graders in Math and Language Arts, and was the Acuity building representative. Currently she is teaching 6th grade Science and Science Honors. She lives in South Bend with her daughter, Kristin, who is 17 and her dog, Hannah. In her spare time, Kari enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, watching movies, swimming, and gardening. A future goal of Kari's is to travel abroad with Kristin.


The link below contains all of the eLearning documents you might need to reference.

eLearning Resources

PLCs and PGPs

I have been impressed with level of work that I have seen from our PLCs this year. We still have work to do but we are trending in the right direction. The items listed below should be the agenda items at every PLC meeting. I have witnessed a lot of discussion on the first two items. However, we need to move to discussing individual or small groups of students and how we support or enrich their learning.

  • Formulate common assessments and set dates to administer them

  • Review student data and address areas of weakness and strength

  • Remediate students who did not achieve and enrich students to reached proficiency

  • Develop an RTI plan for students based on common assessment data

PLC Protocols


I am also happy to provide PGP points to teachers for your PLC work. I can grant a max of 10 PGPs for a school year. To qualify for PGP points, teachers need to submit agendas and PLC minutes at the end of the school year.

Cheers for Peers

Don't forget to cheer for your peers.

Cheers for Peers

Sporting Events

Click her to see our school calendar of events.

Click here to see who is signed up to work sporting events.

SMS Sports Sign-Up

Social Media

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