Change: A New Form of Education

Dallas TX, Whitney Tobey

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School board implements an abundance of changes to provide instability, which will further educate students on how to become adaptive human beings.

The school board of Four Seasons High School voted to enforce a multitude of changes (approximately 91 and counting) to the upcoming school year. The principal states, "Change is great because it teaches students to adapt and learn how to be flexible, while keeping them on their toes." With counselors confused as to what the new changes are, students are forced to learn how to find answers from other sources- just what English teachers have been trying to achieve all along!

Some of the many tentative and upcoming changes include: a new arrival time, an addition of freshman to the school, a closed campus during the day with seniors required to attend 7 periods, and so much more that we will update you on if we are fortunate enough to receive knowledge before the new school year begins. These huge alterations are going to knock down any sort of foundation and sense of comfort the students of the school had and, in turn, build a better year full of adaptation. The seniors will experience a more memorable and lasting year than alumni because they'll be granted the opportunity to stay at school all day- just like their fellow underclassmen! Instead of having to work at a job for money, the students get to receive more education so they will be better prepared for the real world. These are just a few of the many benefits that sprout from uprooting all the past traditions at Four Seasons High School.

Any and all updates on additional reforms will be posted on the school website:

-Or in the case that the 30 year old web address is also removed, check out the next issue of this paper on August 20.