By: Bethany Ivan

What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water that is underground.
Water Cycle (part1): Surface Water and Groundwater

Porosity vs. Permeability

Porosity is the amount of space between soil particles and permeability is the materials ability to allow water to pass. These two affects the presence of groundwater by the space between the soil (porosity) and how it can travel through soil (permeability)

The Water Table

Zone of aeration: this is above the zone of saturation and this is the zone that has pore spaces that contains water

Zone of saturation: this is the zone contains an area where groundwater fills up all pores in the soil

water table: the boundary between both the aeration and saturation zones

aquiclude: impermeable rock that acts as a barrier to groundwater flow

aquifer: permeable rock that transmit groundwater

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2 types of Aquifers

There are two types of aquifers:

Unconfined, which is when water can flow freely and confined, whereas water flow is restricted.

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Effects of depleting groundwater

The effects of groundwater depletion are


-More energy from lower levels

- Stream depletion



-Vegetation dying

Ground subsidence