We the Peoples

Mikayla Kite

Forever Young?

Do you want to be forever young? Well guess what! Now's your chance. Ponce de Leon has set sail to find the answer to everyone's questions. He has set out to find out the Fountain of Youth in Florida. Who know's the 16th century might just be the year that keeps on going.
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War Reports

The 16th century has also brought some downfalls for our Native American friends. The Aztecs were very hospitable to Cortes and his men in the beginning and they let them come into the city unarmed but then Montezuma kicked our men out and so they waged war upon the Native Americans and of course we dominated.
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Native Treatment

Pizarro and Inca:

Pizarro gained the trust the Inca emperor and used him to try and get the loyalty of the Inca people but when that didn't go as he had planned he beheaded the emperor and anyone else that was loyal to him.

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Christopher Columbus

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Okay okay everybody knows the rhyme but lets break it down and see what our dear Columbus actually did. He was employed by the Spaniards and successfully sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. He went on 4 transatlantic voyages and longed to be called the discoverer of the New World

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Advertisement Time!

Where? The New World!

Purchase Price? Possibly your life and some of your land!(:

What would you need to do? You would have to go and fight the Indians which did I forget to mention, we're not on very good terms with them. However, If you win you get all the gold that they have!

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