Three Big Cities!

Discover the Wonders of ATL, New orleans, and New York

Lets Travel

Bright lights in the big cites. Come see land marks, taste delightful food, and meet some new friends along the way. Hear live music and dance to ever beat. Come take a walk on each city street.


New Olreans

This city is located in Louisiana. Its the home of Jazz. This city is well known for live music, food, and lots of Culture. Every year this city has a big Festival known as Mardi Gras. Its French for "Fat Tuesday". People gather for parades. You can go shopping on the River Walk right next to the Mississippi river. Or down the famous Canal street. When your done shopping you can go and have some fun on the world famous Bourbon. Come kick it in the Big Easy!


Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. Its the home of soul food and dance music. Its also home to many black colleges, like Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Moorehouse College. Atlanta is not all about School. Its also about having fun. If your looking for a good time for all ages you can go to the famous Cascade skating ring. Skate around and listen to the best Hip Hop and R&B music Atlanta has to offer.

New York

New York city also known as the Big Apple. Home of many Celebrities and were many movies were shot. In New York you can see many things. Like the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. If your into Music or acting you can always go catch a play on Broadway. If your into Hip Hop or a big fan of it you can go discover where it all began. all and all New York is a wonderful time.