Color Blindness

Makenzie Smith

Symptoms of Color Blindness

~ Inability to distinguish certain colors

~ Inability to see shades of the same color

~ Rapid eye movement (In rare cases)

~ Sensitivity to bright lights

~ Headaches or pain in the eyes

How does Color Blindness affect everyday life?

Color Blindness can affect your daily life in many ways, but the most common way it can affect your daily life is driving because people with color blindness are not able to distinguish the color of the stoplights.

Life expectancy - Color Blindness does not lower or raise life expectancy

What does it mean to be color blind? - A reduced ability to distinguish between certain colors.

Gene that causes color blindness

The most common type of color blindness (red-green) is caused by an X-linked recessive gene. The chromosome that is affected in color blindness is the X chromosome and the color sensing proteins are the proteins that don't function correctly.
What It's Like To Be Color Blind
Chris on being colorblind

Possible treatments for color blindness

~ One possible treatment is gene therapy to fix the damaged chromosome

~ The second possible treatment is delivering genes that can replace missing color, producing proteins in certain cells

~ The third possible treatment is injecting iodine in the eye

Is there a cure for color blindness?

There is no cure for color blindness so far, but there are glasses that let color blind people see color
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Other Facts

~ Color blindness affects men more than women

~ 99% of all color blind people are not really color blind, but color deficient

~ About 8% of all male are color blind

~ Abot 0.5% of women are color blind

~ A father cannot pass his red-green color blindness to his son


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If I was a scientist

If I was a scientist I would use gene therapy to fix the damaged chromosome because if you fix the damaged chromosome then color blindness could not be passed on and researchers at The University of Washington used gene therapy to cure color blindness in squirrel monkeys, but nobody is sure if it's safe for humans