Miami, Florida

Places to see and do in Miami.

That Feeling You Get

Ahh, just the thought of Florida brings something warm in them as though they can already feel the 80°F weather that soaks their skin everyday. Well it is just the right place in the world where it is warm all the time; this can be compared to somewhere that's a mere three hours northwest in Sarasota where it might be 55°F.
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Places to Visit

Most everyone's first choice is the beach, unless you actually live in Miami because most visitors aren't from the coast. Each beach has its own attributes such as shelling, best waves, and best party beaches. If you are looking for shells, Bal Harbour is the place to be; the best waves are at Haulover Beach, and the best beach for Spring Break and parties is Miami Beach.
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Miami Seaquarium

Located near Biscayne Bay in Miami, this 38 acre marine park is one for stopping for. It houses the ocean's most magnificent creatures such as killer whales, dolphins, and sea turtles. Most of the seaquarium is centered about in such a way that most everything that goes on there is a show! There is even a top deck with a dolphin show where if you are close to the tank, the dolphins will flip water on you with their tails! You can also get up close and personal with the Reef Encounter which allows you to go underwater in a huge tank and get to see fish and moray eels right in front of you. You can also walk down to Dolphin Harbor where you can teach some dolphins tricks and even ride one!
Animal Encounters at Miami Seaquarium

Get Out There!

Now that you've heard all about Miami and its adventures, wouldn't you like to visit it! There are hundreds of hotels and resorts you can stay at or in while you are down there that are right on the beach and have beach access. I would recommend the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort for families and couples by themselves as it is a great scene. Who knows, maybe you'll even buy a condo down there (possible one of the Trump Towers) to live in during the winter! The possibilities are endless.