Digital Citizenship Project

Emilee R Period 5

Top 7 Rules about Digital Citizenship

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Be NICE: You need to be nice to other people on the internet.

Rule# 2: Information privacy

Dont give out your information to anyone: Giving out your information is very dangerous and people could give your computer a virus if you give your information it is just not a good idea.

Rule#3: Social Networking

Be safe while online: You never know who is looking at your stuff. Dont post anything you wouldent want your parents or children to see or anything that embarrasses you.

Rule#4: Online safety

Never reveal anything about you online or anywhere: Dont give anyone personal information if someone texts you and you dont know them just ignore it. Ask your parents before you get a social network.

Rule#5: Cyberbullying

Dont react to cyberbullies: If you do you are just giving them what they want and that is almost the whole reason they bully you. If a bully tries to make you feel bad online or anywhere just ignore them.

Rule#6: Plagiarism

Dont use other peoples work without asking or put it into your own words: You could paraphrase or put it into your own words DONT copy you could get sued. It is just like copying on a test and that is wrong.

Rule#7: Copyright

A legal protection given to authors to keep their books and stuff safe: You need to ask permission from the writer to use their work it is a lit like plagiarism.